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“As a full time working professionalyomayrarayes and part time MBA student, it can be difficult to balance work, an education, and personal obligations.
The flexibility of the Providence College MBA program allows you to pace yourself according to your personal and professional goals and priorities”



-Yomayra Reyes ’16G, P&C Wholesaling Manager, MetLife Auto & Home



richmona“I was having trouble in my pre-requisite accounting class and kept missing my professor’s office hours, as we were both working professionals. One day I arrived on campus early and while walking through the hallway of Feinstein, I saw this very tall gentleman walking towards me. I introduced myself and he said “Hi, I am Pat Kelly, and I am an accounting professor here.” I thought to myself, WOW!-That’s ironic as it is my toughest class. I told him about my struggles and he said, “If you have time, I will help you right now.” I couldn’t believe it. We grabbed an abandoned classroom and he helped me through my accounting struggles on the spot! We spent an hour together that day, and I will never forget his willingness to help. At no other college would I find such a dedicated and willing team who are there to help.

The MBA experience made the difference in my career. I was in a very competitive interview process for my current role, and my experience and education gained through the Providence College MBA program differentiated me from the other candidates in the process. The Providence College MBA Program had a direct correlation on my eighteen year career success at Fidelity.

The decision to get my MBA at PC was easy, as Fidelity has an extremely generous tuition reimbursement program. I had only wished that I had not waited so long in my career to go back to PC for my MBA. As I look back now with my experience, knowledge, and lifelong network I have obtained, it was one of the smartest choices I ever made! Go Friars!”

-Rich Mona ’15G, Fidelity Investments, Education Consultant, Workplace Investing




kat“Learning how to work in a global mindset and having an international perspective was a big takeaway and highlight of the PC MBA. It brought so much insight into how business is done in a global context, as well as helped build my network of professional connections across the globe.”



-Katherine Leyden ’16G


diego“My MBA at Providence College gave me the opportunity to challenge myself in a great collaborative and diverse environment. It helped me understand the finer points of global business, its trends and how to lead an organization that gets challenged on a daily basis. PC’s MBA is fully oriented towards business realities, with a lot of hands on activities, discussions and small classes. This program is a great investment, with a very clear return.”


-Diego Becker ’00G, Senior Consultant, RT Services Americas



kristi“When I started the PC MBA Program, I was impressed by the passion the professors have for their subjects, the engaging content they shared, and the fun projects they assigned. My time at PC definitely helped prepare me for my career in marketing and allowed me to apply my learnings in a real world scenario.”



-Kristi Nayden ’00G


lauren“The value of the PC MBA has been tremendous. The classes offered met and exceeded my needs in developing a general manager mindset utilizing various business functions. And all for a very reasonable cost when compared to other MBA programs! I am extremely happy with my decision to get my MBA at PC!”


-Lauren Hickey’13G, Customer Category Manager, RB


Brandon Murphy, MBA '18“I was drawn to PC’s MBA program for its affordability and reputation. PC is a well-known institution, and the MBA program exceeded all expectations in comparison to others being offered locally. To have a growing MBA program being ranked 55th in the country is pretty impressive considering how many different colleges and universities are around the country. Now that I’m in the program and taking classes, I can say that I made the right choice. The resources and amenities at your fingertips as a student is unparalleled. Most importantly, the professors show they genuinely care about their students’ welfare. I couldn’t ask for anything more out of an MBA program as a part-time student.”

-Brandon Murphy ’18G, Trust Administrative Officer, U.S. Trust


Kathleen McGinty, MBA '17“PC’s 4+1 MBA Program provided me with the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and real-world experience before stepping out into the workforce full-time. Through selecting an accounting concentration and engaging collaboratively in the classroom, I am confident the program will prepare me well for my future career.”

-Kathleen McGinty ’17G


Edward Thompson“My best memories were those involved in meeting the other students. Met a lot of great people who were starting  their careers and were motivated to expand their knowledge base in certain topics. The PC MBA experience supported my career goals in that it allowed me to focus on the subjects that were important in my chosen industry. I was able to apply what I learned at PC to my current job. With such a diverse curriculum, I was able to delve into different subjects which helped  determine what path I wanted my career to go down. I think the MBA was the best academic decision I have ever made. I was able to take classes at night in subjects that I was interested in. Since I was working for a company that offered tuition reimbursement, it really was an easy decision and I don’t see how anyone could pass up the opportunity.”

-Edward Thompson ’06G, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Vice President in Treasury Sales for Palm Beach County (FL)


Cristian Higuita Montoya, MBA '17“Providence College has continually given me the tools to be successful in the professional realm that I am interested in. I have felt more than prepared for the challenges I have encountered in my professional endeavors because of the rigorous and substantial preparation I have obtained at Providence College.”



-Cristian Higuita Montoya ’17G


Alexis Egidio, MBA '17“PC has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. The community atmosphere here helped me foster relationships and build a network that will last a lifetime. In addition, there were many opportunities to gain professional experience as an accounting major such as getting involved in Accounting Association or participating in internships with local Accounting firms during the semester. The MBA program at PC has allowed me to take my learning to the next level and meet my career goals.”

-Alexis Egidio ’17G


Rachel Backner, MBA '17“Providence College has transformed me academically and professionally. My PC experiences have allowed me to build great connections and a phenomenal network. PC has taught me invaluable skills for the work world and beyond.”


-Rachel Backner ’17G


Henry Pynchon“Since I was an English major, obtaining my MBA from Providence College put me in the right mindset, and gave me the expanded toolset, needed to face the rigors of professional life. It fostered my intellectual curiosity for the business world especially capital markets and current economic and political events. It should also be noted that my first career position with State Street, the company I am still with today, was because I got my resume into the hands of Doug Horton, a 1999 Providence College graduate.”

-Henry Wilton Pynchon ’09G, State Street Corporation, Leadership Development Program


Levcowich HeadshotFavorite PC MBA Memory/Experience: Undoubtedly, my favorite memory was my trip to Paris for Dr. Newth’s Global Management course! The experience left me with a surplus of knowledge regarding Parisian culture from both a business and social perspective. I did not study abroad during my undergraduate degree, so the trip was extremely meaningful. As a bonus, our class visited my company’s headquarters as one of the scheduled corporate visits. Overall, I had an amazing time with the French Friars!

How did the PC MBA experience support your career goals? I changed careers from a role in Finance to the field of Continuous Improvement towards the end of my MBA program. I felt as though I thrived in management courses, and I particularly enjoyed my Strategic Management Capstone with Dr. McIntyre. I had a great analytical foundation, but I wanted to move into a role that focused on strategy and change-leadership. I received an abundance of assistance on creating an eye-catching resume, succeeding in an interview, and tips on self-branding. Even after graduating, the PC MBA program continues to offer support with my career goals.

What is the best advice you have for anyone considering their MBA? Just go for it! Take the jump, and work hard at it. When I began the program, I was a recent undergraduate, with entry-level skills. My company offered tuition reimbursement, and the incentive accelerated the process for me. However, this program is flexible and affordable. I had a pretty demanding workload at the office, but the course times worked very well with my schedule. Throughout this journey, I have transformed into a leader, and I have PC to thank for that.”

-Jill Levcowich ’16G, Schneider Electric, Process Improvement Associate – Customer Satisfaction & Quality (RI)


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