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MBA Programs

mba-programsThe MBA Program at Providence College offers four programs of study: Full-Time, Part-Time, 4 + 1,  and Accounting Cohort. Accounting Cohort students follow a specific curriculum while students in the 4 + 1, full-time, or part-time MBA programs all take the same core courses. Because students are all taking the same courses, these three programs provide the option to slow down or accelerate time to degree completion. Students can move from part-time to full-time, or the other direction, easily – allowing for maximum flexibility in meeting individual needs. (Students in the Accounting Cohort Program cannot switch programs.)

Full-Time MBA

The full-time MBA program can be completed in as little as one year. Full-time MBA students typically enroll in three to four courses per term. Students who have completed the nine prerequisite courses can complete the program in one calendar year. Students who still have prerequisites to fulfill can start the program before completing the MBA prerequisites. Depending on how many prerequisite courses the student needs to fulfill, the program can take up to two years full-time to complete.

Please read the Full-Time Sample Program of Study for more details.

Full-Time Sample Schedule

4 months before deadline:
  • Apply to MBA Program
Summer sessions:
  • MBA Internship (MBA 699)
Fall semester:
  • 3-4 MBA courses
Winter session:
  • 1 MBA elective
Spring semester:
  • 3-4 MBA courses
Summer sessions:
  • 2 MBA courses
  • Complete MBA degree

For admissions deadlines and details, visit our Admission page