Advising & Registration

_MG_0539.1PCSB Academic Advising

The PCSB advising program provides academic advising services as well as program and policy information for all business students. Academic advising is a collaborative 1educational process whereby students and their advisors are partners in meeting the essential learning outcomes, ensuring student academic success, and outlining the steps for achievement of the students’ personal, academic, and career goals. This advisor-student partnership requires participation and involvement of both the advisor and the student.

The role of the academic advisor is to assist students with:

  • Course selection and degree planning
  • College policies and procedures
  • Academic and leadership opportunities
  • Graduation requirements
  • Campus resources

Academic advising at PC is faculty-based, and upper-class PCSB students are assigned to a faculty advisor from their major department. PCSB upper-class students are required to meet with their faculty advisor each semester for course planning. During this meeting, students are given an altPIN used for registration. It is required that students meet with their assigned academic advisor every semester to explore and develop their overall educational plans, track their progress, and get assistance on choosing the courses that will best support their academic and career goals.