Go Global!

PC MBA students have their choice of taking 3-4 electives in accounting, finance, marketing, management, and international business. International business electives (which can also fall under additional MBA concentration categories) include the opportunity to “Go Global!” which complement students’ academic experiences, equipping them with the skills needed to lead anywhere in the world. The MBA program offers students the opportunity to participate in either faculty-led short-term or global project management courses during their program.

Upcoming Global Opportunities

As the US economy expands globally, companies are increasingly hiring individuals with a global mindset, vision, and experience. Next year, MBA students will have the opportunity to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Opportunities to go global with the PC MBA Program will require pre- and post-work.

Go Global Dublin Postponed

Previous Offerings

Barcelona, Spain – Canceled due to COVID-19

Study a global perspective on major corporate ethical, legal, and governance issues in Spain, the Spanish-speaking world, and the greater Ibero-American Community of Nations.

MBA 699 International Marketing: London, England
Buckingham Palace
Visited global companies in banking, fashion, retail, media, and travel, and saw how they are responding to the challenges and opportunities from Brexit. Experienced the unique and historical sites the city has to offer!

MBA 695: Edinburgh, Scotland Spring 2018
A street in Scotland.
Focused on business pending separation from Europe (known as Brexit).

MBA 698 Global Project Management: Be a Project Leader for IGT, Spring 2017

Edinburgh Napier University logo
This 7 week course partnered with Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland and IGT. MBA students served as project leaders in this real world project, working and leading a global team in Human Computer Interaction Analysis. Students used global team communication tools such as Slack and data dashboards. Class meetings took place at PC, IGT world headquarters in Providence, as well as a week at IGT Canada in New Brunswick Canada, March 6-10, 2017.

Global Project Management course at IGT in New Brunswick

MBA faculty led program, MBA 662 Marketing Global Luxury Brands: Spring 2017

PC MBA students examined the phenomenal growth of the multi-billion dollar global market for luxury goods and services. The MBA 662 course consisted of 3 pre and post class meetings and a one-week study abroad component, March 4-March 11, 2017 in Milan, Italy. While in Milan, students attended 4 lectures from International Italian faculty and industry professionals, as well as several company & cultural visits.

MBA students and faculty at Lamborghini in Milan, Italy

“I had an awesome, unforgettable experience. Thanks to PC I had the opportunity to go abroad to Italy and visited such incredible companies. It was very educational for me to know another country’s point of view of the luxury world. ”

Theresa Dorego, MBA ’18

Read More about the Milan Trip

MBA 695 – Global Management and International Experience: Spring 2016

The MBA Program designed a faculty-led global management course to Paris, France. The global course featured pre and post class meetings, a visit to Schneider Electric, US corporate headquarters in Andover, MA, and a week in France. The visit to Paris included company visits to Nestle’, OECD, Chapal Showroom, Comite’ Interprofessional du vin de Champagne, and Charles Mignon Champagne House, and 3 lectures from Parisian faculty. In addition, students visited Versailles, Normandy, and many of the sights of Paris.

MBA Students in Paris

Laura Hasler MBA'16

“The program really complemented my MBA studies and was a great opportunity to really expand upon my mindset in regards to leadership, teamwork, and innovation. Going abroad provided an opportunity to hear from leaders in a variety of different businesses and see how they interact and demonstrate their leadership and teamwork skills.”

Laura Hasler, MBA’16

MBA 698 – International Project Management

PC MBA program partnered with Edinburgh Napier University, where MBA students served as project managers for teams of Computer Engineering students. The project was a real life experience from a Scottish firm on data security. The students collaborated primarily via Slack and Skype sharing documents, data files and progress reports. The global project managers wrote a “Project Introduction Document” and reported all activities on “Dashboards”.

Katie Leyden MBA'16

“It’s one thing to be in a classroom and learn about global markets, global business, and global ethics. But to actually be immersed in the global project as a project manager was a remarkable experience! A lot of it had to do with coordinating time schedules and working across continents and really being able to transcend global differences as well. It was really a unique experience to actually be able to work with students throughout the world.”

Katie Leyden, MBA’16