MBA Application Steps & Admissions

The Providence College PCSB-Graduate Programs look for students with strong intellectual and interpersonal skills. The programs enroll students who are ready for the academic rigor of graduate study, are willing and able to meaningfully contribute to their courses, and are prepared to experience working in industries that would encourage an interactive and vibrant learning community.


Holistic Application Review

We holistically review applications, focusing on academic achievement, professional development, career goals, and personal characteristics. We review applicant transcripts and GMAT sub-scores and take many factors into consideration.

MBA applicants are required to take the GMAT or GRE exam, though waivers are available for particular circumstances. Please see more information about GMAT/GRE waivers in the application steps.

The PC MBA code for GMAT is 3406. The PC MBA code for the GRE is 0567.

PCSB-Graduate Admissions Guide

There are no minimum GPA or GMAT/GRE requirements. However, the average GPA and GMAT scores listed below may be used as a guide.

Undergraduate GPA3.42
Verbal Reasoning – GRE152
Quantitative Reasoning – GRE155
Analytic Writing Assessment (AWA) – GMAT5

Applicants are encouraged to earn a 50% or higher in Verbal Reasoning, a 25% or higher in Quantitative, and a 5 or above in Analytical Writing Assessment on the GMAT. 

The PC MBA code for GMAT is 3406. The PC MBA code for the GRE is 0567.

PCSB-Graduate Programs Application Process

Applicants are encouraged to submit the online application first and then submit other items, such as transcripts and scores. In so doing, students will be able to track their application status online and the PCSB Graduate Programs office can contact the student with upcoming deadline information.

Please note that the non-refundable application fee must be paid after the online application has been submitted. In preparation of submitting the application form for admission, please have your resume ready and personal essay ready for upload. The application form will also ask for the name and contact information for two recommenders.

PCSB-Graduate Program Application Steps

It is recommended that you review this detailed information on the application steps, including valuable guidance on submitting a successful application, before applying to the program.

Application Steps

Check Application Status

PCSB-Graduate applicants are responsible for monitoring their application. Applicants can monitor their application status online. The PCSB Graduate Programs office will email applicants once all application materials have been sent to the PCSB-Grad Program office and the application is complete. To protect the privacy of our applicants, we do not release the application status or decision via non-official email, phone, or fax. In addition, we do not discuss an applicant’s status with anyone except the applicant. 

Admission Notifications

The PCSB-Graduate Programs office only reviews completed applications. Once an application is complete, the PCSB Graduate Programs office sends an email indicating that the application is being reviewed. After the application is reviewed, the PCSB Graduate Programs office sends the applicant an email with an attached letter confirming the admission decision within approximately four to six weeks. Students typically receive one of the following admission decisions: offer of admission, interview invitation, denial of admission, denial with an option to reapply, conditional admission, or waitlist offer.

Offer of Admission

If an applicant is admitted into the PCSB-Grad Programs, he or she receives an acceptance letter and admission packet. The student must return his or her acceptance materials and enrollment fee to the PCSB-Grad Program within 30 calendar days from the date of the acceptance letter, unless otherwise noted on the admission letter. If a student fails to send in his or her acceptance materials and enrollment fee to the program within the deadline, the applicant forfeits his or her spot in the Program.

After the PCSB Graduate Programs office receives the non-refundable enrollment fee and acceptance packet, the office contacts the student regarding a mandatory orientation session and math module and information on course registration. Admitted students are required to attend the new student orientation before registering and beginning their first term. Failure to attend orientation and submission of required math modules may lead to MBA admission revocation and/or the placement of an academic hold on the student’s account.

Denial of Admission

An applicant may receive a letter via email confirming that he or she has not been accepted into the PCSB-Grad Programs. An applicant may also receive a letter offering the option to work with an PCSB Graduate Programs advisor for application coaching and recommendations. This letter is sent to students whose applications are competitive, with the exception of GPA, GMAT/GRE, or TOEFL. In this case, the Program will deny the student’s application, but the students should contact the PCSB Graduate Programs office for guidance. The request is typically made to students with a lower GMAT score.

Waitlist Offer

Applicants who are waitlisted receive a letter via email confirming waitlist status. This means that the student’s application is competitive for admission for that term, but that the Program may not have capacity to accept that student. The letter will ask the applicant to contact the PCSB Graduate Programs office to confirm whether he or she would like to remain on the waitlist until an opening is available to begin the Program for that semester. A student can request to be evaluated for admission for the next term.

Conditional Admission

Very few students are considered for conditional admission. These applicants will receive an email confirming they are admitted contingent upon specific conditions, such as maintaining a minimum GPA their first semester. If the student fails to meet the conditions of their acceptance, a hold will be placed on their account, and they will be removed from the Program.