Sylvia Maxfield -- Dean


Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 136E


Ph.D. - Political Economy Harvard University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Business Ethics, Business, Government in the Global Economy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Evaluation & Measurement, Emerging Markets/Comparative & International Political Economy.

Selected Publications:

Maxfield, S. Wang, L. (2024) Board Gender Diversity, Firm Risk, and the Intermediate Mechanisms: A Meta-Analysis. Corporate Governance: An International Review.

Maxfield, S. Wang, L. (2021) Does Sustainable Investing Reduce Portfolio Risk? A Multilevel Analysis. European Financial Management.(27), 959-980.

Maxfield, S. Wang, L. Magaldi de Sousa, M. (2016) The Effectiveness of Bank Governance Reforms in the Wake of the Financial Crisis: A Stakeholder Approach. Journal of Business Ethics.(150), 485–503.

Maxfield, S. (2012) In David Coates (Ed.), Glass-Steagall in Oxford Companion to American Politics. Oxford University Press

Maxfield, S. Hardie, I. (2012) In David Coates (Ed.), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, in Oxford Companion to American Politics. Oxford University Press

Maxfield, S. (2011) Teaching economics through the lens of corporate citizenship. Journal of Economic Education.(42),

Maxfield, S. Shapiro, M. Gupta, V. Hass, S. (2010) Gender and risk: Women, risk-taking and risk-aversion. Gender in Management.(25),

Selected Presentations:

Wang, L. Maxfield, S. European Financial Management Association (EFMA) Annual Meeting. , Milan, Italy - "The Impact of Socially Responsible Investing: What Can We Learn from Different Performance Measures?" June, 2018

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