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David McIntyre


Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 366


Ph.D. - Business Administration University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Area(s) of Expertise:

Strategic Management, Technology and Innovation, Business/Corporate Strategy, Competition in High Technology Markets

Selected Publications:

McIntyre, D. (2019) Beyond a "winner-takes-all" strategy for platforms. Sloan Management Review.(January),

McIntyre, D. Srinivasan, A. (2017) Networks, platforms, and strategy: Emerging views and next steps. Strategic Management Journal.(38), 141-160.

McIntyre, D. Chintakananda, A. (2014) Market entry in the presence of network effects: A real options perspective. Journal Of Management.(40), 1535-1552.

McIntyre, D. Chintakananda, A. (2014) Competing in network markets: Can the winner take all?. Business Horizons.(57), 117-125.

McIntyre, D. Chintakananda, A. (2013) A real options approach to releasing "network" products. Journal Of High Technology Management Research.(24), 42-52.

McIntyre, D. (2011) Where there’s a way, is there a will? Installed base and product quality in a high-technology setting.. Journal Of High Technology Management Research.(22), 59-66.

McIntyre, D. (2011) In a network industry, does product quality matter? . Journal Of Product Innovation Management.(28), 99-108.

McIntyre, D. Subramaniam, M. (2009) Strategy in network industries: A review and research agenda. Journal Of Management.(35), 1494-1517.

Selected Presentations:

McIntyre, D. Chintakananda, A. Academy of Management Conference. , Boston, MA - "Making real options more inclusive: Implications for innovation management" , 2019

McIntyre, D. Afuah, A. Chintakananda, A. Gawer, A. Kretschmer, T. Srinivasan, A. Academy of Management Conference. , Boston, MA - "Managing multi-sided platforms" , 2019

McIntyre, D. PDMA Conference. , Orlando, FL - "Network size and quality: Learning and incentives in platform competition" , 2019

McIntyre, D. INFORMS/Organization Science Conference. , Phoenix - "Quality dimensions and technology platforms" November, 2018

McIntyre, D. Srinivasan, A. Afuah, A. Gawer, A. Hagiu, A. Kretschmer, T. Academy of Management Conference. , Atlanta, GA - "Strategy at the interface: Multi-sided platforms" August, 2017

McIntyre, D. Srinivasan, A. Chintakananda, A. Academy of Management Conference. Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA - "The persistence of platform dominance: The role of network, platform, and complementor attributes" August, 2017

McIntyre, D. Open and User Innovation Conference. , Harvard Business School - "Network intensity and the durability of platforms" August, 2016

McIntyre, D. Chintakananda, A. Strategic Management Society Conference. , Denver - "Network size and quality: A learning orientation perspective on platform competition" October, 2015

McIntyre, D. Chintakananda, A. Academy of Management Conference. , Philadelphia, PA - "The divergent influence of risk and uncertainty: Evidence from IPOs amid firm competition" August, 2014

McIntyre, D. Chintakananda, A. Eastern Academy of Management Conference. , Newport, RI - "Unbundling the influence of risk and uncertainty in IPO strategies" May, 2014

McIntyre, D. Chintakananda, A. Academy of Management Conference. , San Antonio, TX - "Bridging the gap: Network effects and real options in network competition" August, 2011

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