Matthew Eriksen, Ray Butkus ’73 Professor in Management


Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 365


Ph.D. - Business Administration, Management University of Rhode Island

Area(s) of Expertise:

Leadership; Leadership development and education; Team Development

Awards and Honors:

PCSB Faculty Mentor Award PCSB

PCSB Faculty Mentor Award PCSB

PCSB’s 2018 Teaching Innovation Award Providence College School of Business

Friar Four Collaborative Colleague Award The Division of Student Affairs

PCSB Faculty Mentor Award PCSB

Selected Publications:

Eriksen, M. (2021) On Facilitating the Development of Leaders’ Ability to Exercise Good Judgment. Edward Elgar Publishing

Cunliffe, A. Eriksen, M. (2020) In Leah Tomkins, Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Organization Studies, The Open University, UK (Ed.), Educating caring leaders: a paradox of collective uniqueness. Edward Elgar

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Eriksen, M. (2013) Resolute Leadership: Facilitating Relational Authentic Becoming. 40th Annual Teaching Conference for Management Educators

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Eriksen, M. (2009) Authentic Leadership: Personal Values, Belief Statement, and Leadership Principles. Journal of Management Education.(33), 747-771.

Eriksen, M. Tompson, G. (2009) Mason biodiesel: A family's new venture in a new industry. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship.(12), 63-70.

Eriksen, M. Hope, A. (2009) From Military Sexual Trauma to 'Organization-Trauma: Practicing the Poetics of Testimony". Culture & Organization Journal.(15), 109-1217.

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Eriksen, M. Deis, A. Janaro, S. Kraemer, K. Female Leadership Development in the Military: Embodied Experience and Consequences. Central Business Review.(27), 11-20.

Selected Presentations:

Eriksen, M. 2019 Academy of Management Meeting. Academy of Management, Boston, MA - "Coaching as a Catalyst Leadership Development In Academic & Corporation Education" August, 2019

Eriksen, M. King, T. 9th Developing Leadership Capacity Conference. University of Brighton, Brighton, UK - "Contextual and Relational Aspects of Leadership Development" July, 2017

Eriksen, M. King, T. , . 8th Annual Developing Leadership Capacity Conference . , Hult International Business School, Ashridge House in Berkhamsted, UK - "Experimenting with Surrendering as Leading" July, 2016

Eriksen, M. Cunliffe, A. , . 1st Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Leadership Symposium. , Rhodes, Greece - "Relationships, Reflexivity and Ethical Leadership" May, 2016

Eriksen, M. Cooper, K. 7th Developing Leadership Capacity Conference. Henley Business School, Oxfordshire, England - "Developing Relationally-Responsive Leaders" July, 2015

Eriksen, M. Pendleton, M. 32nd Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism. Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism, Utrecht, Netherlands - "The Power of Identity-Based Storytelling in Team Development" July, 2014

Eriksen, M. Miccolis, A. Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference. , Nashville Tennessee - "Practicing Self-Leadership: Ben Franklin’s Discipline of Cultivating Virtues" June, 2014

Eriksen, M. Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference. Teaching Society for Management Educators, Asheville, North Carolina - "Resolute Leadership: Facilitating Relational Authentic Becoming" June, 2013

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