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Arati Srinivasan

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 256


D.B.A. - Strategy and Innovation Boston University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Strategy and Innovation, Technology Management

Selected Publications:

Srinivasan, A. Venkatraman, N. Architectural Convergence and Platform Evolution: an empirical test of complementor moves in videogames. IEEE Transactions On Engineering Management.

Srinivasan, A. Venkatraman, N. (2018) Entrepreneurship in Digital Platforms: A Network Centric View. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

Srinivasan, A. Guo, H. Devaraj, S. (2017) Who cares about your big day? Impact of life events on dynamics of social networks. Decision Sciences (Journal of).

McIntyre, D. Srinivasan, A. (2017) Networks, platforms, and strategy: Emerging views and next steps. Strategic Management Journal.(38), 141-160.

Srinivasan, A. Venkatraman, N. (2010) Indirect Network Effects and Platform Dominance in the Video Game Industry: A Network Perspective. IEEE Transactions On Engineering Management.(57),

Selected Presentations:

McIntyre, D. Afuah, A. Chintakananda, A. Gawer, A. Kretschmer, T. Srinivasan, A. Academy of Management Conference. , Boston, MA - "Managing multi-sided platforms" , 2019

McIntyre, D. Srinivasan, A. Afuah, A. Gawer, A. Hagiu, A. Kretschmer, T. Academy of Management Conference. , Atlanta, GA - "Strategy at the interface: Multi-sided platforms" August, 2017

McIntyre, D. Srinivasan, A. Chintakananda, A. Academy of Management Conference. Academy of Management, Atlanta, GA - "The persistence of platform dominance: The role of network, platform, and complementor attributes" August, 2017