Ronald Jelinek


Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 367


Ph.D. - Marketing University of Connecticut

Area(s) of Expertise:

Relationship Selling, Salesperson Behavior, Sales Management and Sales Force Automation, Catholic Social Teaching and Corporate Social Responsibility

Selected Publications:

Jelinek, K. Jelinek, R. (2023) Leading an Early-Curriculum Discussion on Professional Integrity. Accounting Educators' Journal.(33), 121-136.

Jelinek, R. (2022) Disruption: A salesforce braves the storm. New York: Wessex

Jelinek, R. (2021) Loyalty or Lethargy? Keeping sellers committed, not entrenched. Business Horizons.

Jelinek, R. (2018) Integrating SFA technology into the sales curriculum: Helping students understand what, why and when. Marketing Education Review.(28), 80-88.

Jelinek, R. (2017) A Permaculture Primer: Using Eco-Theory to Promote Knowledge Acquisition, Dissemination and Use in the Sales Organization. Industrial Marketing Management.

Jelinek, R. (2014) Beyond Commitment: Entrenchment in the Buyer-Seller Exchange. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management.(34), 272-284.

Jelinek, R. (2013) All Pain, No Gain? Why Adopting Sales Force Automation Tools is Insufficient For Performance Improvement. Business Horizons.(56), 635-642.

Jelinek, R. (2012) Happy Birthday, Milton Friedman. A Buyer-Seller Salute.. Business Horizons.(55), 427-429.

Jelinek, R. Jelinek, K. (2010) From Clear to Complicated: Buying and Selling Accounting Services Post-Sarbanes-Oxley. Business Horizons.(53), 511-522.

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