Piotr Chelminski

Associate Professor

Contact Information:



Ryan Center for Business Studies 265


Ph.D. - Marketing, University of Connecticut

Brief Biography:

Dr. Piotr Chelminski is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Providence College. He received his Ph.D. degree in marketing from the University of Connecticut in 2003. His research on a variety of international marketing topics has been published in Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Services Marketing, Psychology and Marketing, Journal of East-West Business, and other publications. Dr. Chelminski has also presented his studies at a number of academic conferences in the United States and around the world. His teaching interests include International Marketing, Principles of Marketing, and Marketing Research. Dr. Chelminski's current research interests include cross-cultural consumer behavior, brand heritage, country-of-origin effects, and new payment technologies.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Cross Cultural consumer behavior, consumer information sharing, consumer complaining behaviors, country-of-origin effects

Selected Publications:

Chelminski, P. DeFanti, M. (2018) Leveraging Brand Heritage’s Effects on Consumers’ Attitudes and Intentions to Enhance Competitiveness. Journal of Competitiveness Studies.(26), 41-58.

Chelminski, P. (2018) Grading Innovation in an International Marketing Course: Promoting Student Collaboration and Individual Accountability . Journal of Teaching in International Business.(28), 188-192.

Alonso Garcia, N. Chelminski, P. González Hernández, E. (2013) The effects of language on attitudes toward advertisements and brands trust in Mexico. Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising.(34), 77-92.

Chelminski, P. Coulter, R. (2011) An Examination of Consumer Advocacy and Complaining Behavior in the Context of Service Failure. Journal of Services Marketing.(25), 361 - 370.

Chelminski, P. Alonso Garcia, N. (2008) In Francisco Costa Pereira, Jorge Verissimo, Peter Neijens (Ed.), New trends in advertising research, Examining Current Advertising Strategies Toward Hispanic Consumers in the United States: Multicultural and Sociolinguistic Perspectives. Lisboa, Portugal: Edicoes Silabo

Chelminski, P. Coulter, R. (2007) The Effects of Cultural Individualism and Self-Confidence on Propensity to Voice: From Theory to Measurement to Practice. Journal of International Marketing.(15), 94-118.

Chelminski, P. Coulter, R. (2007) On Market Mavens and Consumer Self-Confidence: A Cross-Cultural Study. Psychology & Marketing.(24), 69-91.

Selected Presentations:

Chelminski, P. Special Joint Conference of the AIB-Africa and the AIB-US-Northeast Chapters . Academy of International Business, Nairobi, Kenya - "Designing Marketing Lessons for the 21st Century" January, 2020

Chelminski, P. 9th Annual Academy of International Business-Latin Chapter. Academy of International Business, Cochabamba, Bolivia - "Digitalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Latin American Business" March, 2019

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Chelminski, P. Horne, D. International Conference on Business and Information. International Business Academics Consortium, Bangkok, Thailand - "What Factors Drive Adoption of Mobile Payments among European Consumers?" January, 2017

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Chelminski, P. Infusing International Experiences into the Business Curriculum. Center for Teaching Excellence and Center for International Studies, Providence College - "Comparative Business Practices in China and Japan" October, 2014

Chelminski, P. Horne, D. International Conference on Electronic Business. International Consortium for Electronic Business, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - "An Examination of Attributes of Mobile Payments and Their Influence on Consumer Intentions to Adopt the New Way to Pay: A Case from The United Kingdom" December, 2013

Chelminski, P. Global Marketing Conference. , Tokyo, Japan - "Encouraging Complaining Behavior Among Global Consumers" September, 2010

Chelminski, P. UNCTAD Symposium: Setting the Agenda for Policy-Orientated Research: the Next Ten Years. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Switzerland - "Facilitating the Voice of the Global Consumer" March, 2010

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