Kevin Newman

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 363


Ph.D. - Marketing The University of Arizona

Area(s) of Expertise:

Consumer behavior with specific interests relating to corporate social responsibility, moral identity and behavior, self-control, and goals and self-regulation

Selected Publications:

Schultz, A. Newman, K. Wright, S. (2023) The Negative Effect of Low Belonging on Consumer Responses to Sustainable Products. Journal of Business Ethics.

Schultz, A. Newman, K. (2023) The impact of Loneliness on Compliance with COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines. International Journal of Consumer Studies.(47), 59-73.

Trump, R. Newman, K. (2021) Emotion Regulation in the Marketplace: The Role of Pleasant Brand Personalities. Marketing Letters.(32), 231-245.

Snyder, D. Newman, K. (2019) Reducing consumer loneliness through brand communities. Journal of Consumer Marketing.(36), 337-347.

Newman, K. Trump, R. (2019) Reducing skepticism about corporate social responsibility: roles of gender and agentic-communal orientations. Journal of Consumer Marketing.(36), 189-196.

Newman, K. Brucks, M. (2018) The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts on the Moral Behavior of High Self-Brand Overlap Consumers . Journal of Consumer Psychology.(28), 253-271.

Newman, K. Trump, R. (2017) When are Consumers Motivated to Connect with Ethical Brands? The Roles of Guilt and Moral Identity Importance. Psychology & Marketing.(34), 597-609.

Trump, R. Newman, K. (2017) When do Unethical Brand Perceptions Spill Over to Competitors. Marketing Letters.(28), 219-230.

Newman, K. Brucks, M. (2016) When are Natural and Urban Environments Restorative? The Impact of Environmental Compatibility on Self-Control Restoration. Journal of Consumer Psychology.(26), 535-541.

Selected Presentations:

Schultz, A. Newman, K. Association for Consumer Research. , Denver - "When Loneliness Impedes Compliance with COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines" October, 2022

Schultz, A. Newman, K. Association of Marketing Theory and Practice. , Destin - "The Lonely Reason Impeding Compliance with COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines" March, 2022

Schultz, A. Newman, K. Wright, S. Association for Consumer Research. , Dallas - "When Lack of Belonging Means Bad News for the Planet: The Consequences of Low Belonging on Ethical Product Purchases" October, 2018

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