PCSB Faculty & Staff Recognitions

The Providence College School of Business (PCSB) Dean’s Office solicits nominations annually for the following faculty and staff awards for research, teaching, service, and inclusive excellence. Nominations are reviewed and selected by the dean in consultation with the PCSB’s Senior Leadership Team in April of each year, and recipients are recognized around the time of the College’s Commencement exercises.

Dean’s Award for Inclusive Excellence

The Dean’s Award for Inclusive Excellence recognizes a fulltime PCSB faculty or staff member who has demonstrated a commitment to make excellence inclusive by recognizing inequities in student success, identifying effective educational practices for overcoming inequities in student success, and supporting organic development of such practices at the PCSB.


  • 2023: Arati Kale, Finance
  • 2022: Abby Corrington, Management
  • 2021: Christine Earley, Accountancy
  • 2020: Sarah Alhouti, Marketing; Rebecca Reeves, PCSB Dean’s Office

Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship Award

The Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship Award recognizes an ordinary PCSB faculty member who demonstrates extraordinary promise for research initiatives in their discipline planned for the upcoming summer intersession.


  • 2023: Nea North, Marketing
  • 2022: Arati Kale, Finance
  • 2021: Abby Corrington, Management
  • 2020: Arati Srinivasan, Management
  • 2019: Ainslie Schultz, Marketing
  • 2018: Christopher Lyddy, Management
  • 2017: Jonathan Jackson, Finance; Ronald Jelinek, Marketing
  • 2016: Kevin Newman, Marketing
  • 2015: Sarah Alhouti, Marketing; Edward Szado, Finance

Excellence in Research Award

The Excellence in Research Award recognizes a fulltime PCSB faculty member for exemplary contributions to their field of research as evidenced by activities such as high-quality publications, grants received, awards received for research (e.g., best paper awards), popular press citations, and invited presentations or research workshops.


  • 2023: Stephen Kuselias, Accountancy; Ainslie Schultz, Marketing
  • 2022: Jessica Buchanan, Accountancy; Christopher Lyddy, Management
  • 2021: Christopher Lyddy, Management
  • 2020: David Cortés, Finance; Stephen Kuselias, Accountancy
  • 2019: Jonathan Jackson, Finance; Liu Wang, Finance
  • 2018: Patrick Kelly, Accountancy; Kevin Newman, Marketing
  • 2017: Stephen Perreault, Accountancy; Arati Srinivasan, Management
  • 2016: Christine Earley, Accountancy; Scott Wright, Marketing
  • 2015: David McIntyre, Management; Liu Wang, Finance
  • 2014: Dan Horne, Marketing; Scott Wright, Marketing
  • 2013: David McIntyre, Management

Greene Family Award for Teaching Excellence

The endowed Greene Family Award for Teaching Excellence – generously given by Christopher J. and Teresa A. Greene ’18P – recognizes a fulltime PCSB faculty member for exemplary teaching performance. Prior to 2017, this award was named the Excellence in Teaching Award.


  • 2021: Ranier Robinson, Accountancy; Abby Corrington, Management
  • 2022: David Cortés, Finance; Kevin Newman, Marketing
  • 2021: Sydnee Manley, Accountancy; Gregory Light, Finance
  • 2020: Ainslie Schultz, Marketing
  • 2019: Stephen Kuselias, Accountancy; Arati Srinivasan, Management
  • 2018: Ann Kelley, Accountancy
  • 2017: Jeffrey Kotz, Finance; Deirdre Snyder, Management
  • 2016: Carol Hartley, Accountancy; Ronald Jelinek, Marketing
  • 2015: Brian Lamoureux, Management; Michael Shafer, Finance
  • 2014: Patrick Kelly, Accountancy
  • 2013: Mark DeFanti, Marketing

Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence

(Note: This award replaced the Teaching Innovation Award in 2019.)

This monetary award is presented to a full-time PCSB faculty member of any rank who demonstrates a commitment to self-evaluation and continuous improvement in teaching.


  • 2022: Cary Collins, Finance; Arati Kale, Finance; Kevin McMahon, Finance
  • 2019: Faith Lamprey, Accountancy

Graduate Business Teaching Excellence Award

(Note: Prior to 2022, this award was named the Outstanding MBA Faculty Award.)

The Graduate Business Teaching Excellence Award is presented to a PCSB faculty member who exemplifies academic excellence and demonstrates strong commitment to teaching and to the PCSB Graduate Program.


  • 2023: John Zilch, Graduate Business
  • 2022: Christine Earley, Accountancy
  • 2021: Adam Villa, Math & Computer Sciences
  • 2020: Jonathan Jackson, Finance
  • 2019: Deirdre Snyder, Management
  • 2018: Julia Camp, Accountancy
  • 2017: Jonathan Jackson, Finance
  • 2016: Carol Hartley, Accountancy
  • 2015: Matthew Callahan, Finance
  • 2014: Matthew Eriksen, Management
  • 2013: Patrick Kelly, Accountancy

Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes a fulltime PCSB faculty or staff member who has made significant contributions to support the PCSB community and the School’s strategic priorities.


  • 2023: Robert Camp, Finance
  • 2022: Jonathan Jackson, Finance; Arati Srinivasan, Management
  • 2021: Kevin McMahon, Finance; Adam Villa, Math & Computer Sciences
  • 2020: Rae Caloura, Marketing; Faith Lamprey, Accountancy
  • 2019: Valerie Peterson, Accountancy; Heather Wunschel, PCSB Graduate Programs
  • 2018: Joseph Gemma, Management; Kristin Shepherd, PCSB Undergraduate Programs
  • 2017: Carolyn Duane, PCSB Dean’s Office
  • 2016: Jacqueline Elcik, PCSB Dean’s Office
  • 2015: Carol Hartley, Accountancy; Lisa Mildner, PCSB Dean’s Office
  • 2014: Matthew Keane, Accountancy; Liu Wang, Finance

Faculty Mentor Award

The Faculty Mentor Award recognizes a fulltime (non-administrator) PCSB faculty member who has shown a commitment to the importance of mentoring in supporting and developing the School’s probationary faculty.


  • 2023: Jonathan Jackson, Finance
  • 2022: Julia Camp, Accountancy
  • 2021: Edward Nelson, Accountancy
  • 2020: Julia Camp, Accountancy
  • 2019: Matthew Eriksen, Management
  • 2018: Mark DeFanti, Marketing
  • 2017: M. Cary Collins, Finance
  • 2016: Matthew Eriksen, Management

Archived Awards

Teaching Innovation Award

This monetary award was presented to up to two faculty members of any rank who demonstrated a commitment to teaching innovation.


  • 2018: Matthew Eriksen, Management; Michael Shafer, Finance
  • 2017: Stephen Perreault, Accountancy
  • 2016: Sarah Alhouti, Marketing; Jeffrey Kotz, Finance
  • 2015: Michael Kraten, Accountancy; Gregory Light, Finance
  • 2014: Julia Camp, Accountancy; Mark DeFanti, Marketing
  • 2013: Janet Letourneau, Marketing; Francine Newth, Management