PCSB Committees & Service

Standing Committees

Curriculum (CC):

Intellectual Contributions (ICC/FFRD):

  • Chairperson: Liu Wang
  • Support Lead: Carolyn Duane (SP19)
  • Members: Christine Earley, Ronald Jelinek, Marcin Krolikowski, David McIntyre, and Kevin Newman
  • Ex-officio Members: Daniel Horne

Senior Leadership Team (SLT):

Standing Subcommittees

Assurance of Learning (AOL):

International (ISC):

MBA Curriculum Review (MBA-CRC:

Quantitative (QSIG 2.0):

  • Chairperson: Daniel Horne
  • Support Lead: Carolyn Duane (SP19)
  • Members: Matthew Callahan, Mark DeFanti, Jacqueline Elcik, Sonia Gantman, Joseph Gemma, Teo Getachew, Jonathan Jackson (SP19), Faith Lamprey, and Michael Shafer
  • Ex-officio Members: Jeffrey Hoag

Ad-Hoc Working Groups, Taskforces, & Process Committees

Alternative Teaching Assessment:

  • Chairperson: Stephen Perreault
  • Members: Sarah Alhouti and Judith Morse


  • Chairperson: Jacqueline Elcik
  • Support Lead: Kristin Shepherd
  • Members: Mark DeFanti, Daniel Horne, Matthew Keane, David McIntyre, Peter Palumbo, and Michael Shafer

Integrated Capstone:

  • Chairperson: Sylvia Maxfield
  • Members: Matthew Keane (FA18), Ainslie Schultz, Deirdre Snyder, and David Zalewski


  • Chairperson: Matthew Eriksen
  • Members: Julia Camp, M. Cary Collins, Janet Letourneau, and Christopher Lyddy

Strategic Planning:

  • Chairperson: Sylvia Maxfield
  • Members: Christine Earley, Stephen Edwards, Kevin Newman, Arati Srinivasan, Edward Szado, 2 BAC Members (TBD), and 2 Students (TBD)

Other Service

Business Core Course Coordinators:

  • ACC 113: Faith Lamprey
  • ACC 203/204: Valerie Peterson
  • FIN 207: Matthew Callahan
  • FIN 217: Gregory Light
  • FIN 310: Wen Chen
  • MGT 301: Deirdre Snyder
  • MGT 330: Brian Lamoureux
  • MKT 205: Rae Caloura

First Year Advisors:

  • PCSB: Jacqueline Elcik and Kristin Shepherd
  • ACC: Patrick Kelly
  • FIN: Robert Costello
  • MGT: Matthew Eriksen
  • MKT: Rae Caloura
  • Asst. FYAs: Yvonne Arruda, Samantha Cavanagh, and Grace Cleary

Student Club & Co-Curricular Advisors:

  • Accounting Association: Stephen Perreault
  • American Marketing Association (AMA): Rae Caloura
  • Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA): Sylvia Maxfield
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS): Jacqueline Elcik
  • CFA Research Challenge: Matthew Callahan, Marcin Krolikowski, and Edward Szado
  • Future Friar Executives (FFE): Robert Costello and Jacqueline Elcik
  • PC Entrepreneurship Society: thomas king
  • PC Finance Society: Liu Wang
  • PC Women in Business: Sylvia Maxfield
  • PCSB Student Mentor Program: Kristin Shepherd
  • PwC Challenge: Sonia Gantman and Stephen Perreault