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PCSB Committees & Service

Standing Committees

Curriculum (CC):

Intellectual Contributions (ICC/FFRD):

  • Chairperson: Liu Wang
  • Support Lead: Carolyn Duane (SP19)
  • Members: Christine Earley, Ronald Jelinek, Marcin Krolikowski, and David McIntyre
  • Ex-officio Members: Daniel Horne

Senior Leadership Team (SLT):

Standing Subcommittees

Assurance of Learning (AOL):

International (ISC):

MBA Curriculum Review (MBA-CRC:

Quantitative (QSIG 2.0):

  • Chairperson: Daniel Horne
  • Support Lead: Carolyn Duane (SP19)
  • Members: Matthew Callahan, Mark DeFanti, Jacqueline Elcik, Sonia Gantman, Joseph Gemma, Teo Getachew, Jonathan Jackson (SP19), Faith Lamprey, and Michael Shafer
  • Ex-officio Members: Jeffrey Hoag

Ad-Hoc Working Groups, Taskforces, & Process Committees

Alternative Teaching Assessment:

  • Chairperson: Stephen Perreault
  • Members: Sarah Alhouti and Judith Morse


  • Chairperson: Jacqueline Elcik
  • Support Lead: Kristin Shepherd
  • Members: Mark DeFanti, Daniel Horne, Matthew Keane, David McIntyre, Peter Palumbo, and Michael Shafer

Integrated Capstone:

  • Chairperson: Sylvia Maxfield
  • Members: Matthew Keane (FA18), Ainslie Schultz, Deirdre Snyder, and David Zalewski


  • Chairperson: Matthew Eriksen
  • Members: Julia Camp, M. Cary Collins, Janet Letourneau, and Christopher Lyddy

Strategic Planning:

  • Chairperson: Sylvia Maxfield
  • Support Lead: Rebecca Reeves
  • Members: Charles Alutto ’88, Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, Brian Bartolini, Diane Blake ’86, Gregory Christenson ’89, Michael Cruz ’19, Fr. James Cuddy, Christine Earley, Stephen Edwards, Jacqueline Elcik, Madison Fairbanks ’19, Mark Goldberg ’85, Daniel Horne, Andrea Keefe, Leah Koch, Meredith Maher ’13, Kevin Newman, Arati Srinivasan, Edward Szado

Other Service

Business Core Course Coordinators:

  • ACC 113: Faith Lamprey
  • ACC 203/204: Valerie Peterson
  • FIN 207: Matthew Callahan
  • FIN 217: Gregory Light
  • FIN 310: Wen Chen
  • MGT 301: Deirdre Snyder
  • MGT 330: Brian Lamoureux
  • MKT 205: Rae Caloura

First Year Advisors:

  • PCSB: Jacqueline Elcik and Kristin Shepherd
  • ACC: Patrick Kelly
  • FIN: Robert Costello
  • MGT: Matthew Eriksen
  • MKT: Rae Caloura
  • Asst. FYAs: Yvonne Arruda, Samantha Cavanagh, and Grace Cleary

Student Club & Co-Curricular Advisors:

  • Accounting Association: Stephen Perreault
  • American Marketing Association (AMA): Rae Caloura
  • Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA): Sylvia Maxfield
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS): Jacqueline Elcik
  • CFA Research Challenge: Matthew Callahan, Marcin Krolikowski, and Edward Szado
  • Future Friar Executives (FFE): Robert Costello and Jacqueline Elcik
  • PC Entrepreneurship Society: thomas king
  • PC Finance Society: Liu Wang
  • PC Women in Business: Sylvia Maxfield
  • PCSB Student Mentor Program: Kristin Shepherd
  • PwC Challenge: Sonia Gantman and Stephen Perreault