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PCSB Committees & Service


Standing Committees & Sub-committees:


Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is chaired by the dean and includes department chairs, program directors, and faculty leading any short-term taskforces. The SLT has oversight of curriculum and co-curricular activities with overarching responsibility for PCSB policies and procedures, faculty workload and performance, and progress on the PCSB strategic plan. As of 2022, this committee absorbed the former stand-alone curriculum committee.

  • Chairperson: Sylvia Maxfield
  • Support Lead: Kate Felder
  • Members: Julia Camp, Matthew Callahan, Carolyn Duane, Jacqueline Elcik, Matthew Eriksen, Daniel Horne, Jonathan Jackson, Patrick Kelly, Stephen Perreault, Michael Shafer (FA22), and Edward Szado (SP23)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is a multistakeholder group including faculty, staff, students, and Business Advisory Council members. The DEI Committee is charged with oversight of PCSB policies and programs that support the School’s strategic goals in the diversity sphere as nested within the PC-wide goals in this area.

  • Chairpersons: Christine Earley (FA22), John Schibler, and Arati Srinivasan (SP23)
  • Support Lead: Kate Felder
  • Members: M. Cary Collins, Abigail Corrington, Matthew Eriksen, Sara Gilkenson, Arati Kale, Sydnee Manley, Sylvia Maxfield, Theresa Moore, Kevin Newman, Nea North, and Arati Srinivasan (FA22) *

    *Alumni and student representatives TBD.

Intellectual Contributions Committee

The Intellectual Contributions Committee (ICC) is chaired by a tenured faculty member and is charged with the oversight of matters of faculty qualifications and intellectual contributions. The ICC evaluates existing policies related to intellectual contributions and recommends changes to those policies; this includes bringing forward policies or changes to existing policies to the entire PCSB faculty for approval. The ICC also develops criteria for judging the quality of intellectual contributions and evaluating faculty qualifications in line with AACSB criteria, and proposes incentive programs for the achievement and maintenance of high-quality scholarship. Lastly, the ICC oversees the PCSB’s Fund for Faculty Research & Development (FFRD) process, which provides supplementary funding for PCSB faculty to support professional development activities in the areas of research and pedagogy.

  • Chairperson: Liu Wang
  • Members: Jessica Buchanan, Ainslie Schultz, Michael Shafer, Arati Srinivasan, and Scott Wright (FA22)

Exceptions Committee

The Exceptions Committee oversees exceptions to student requirements for remaining enrolled at PC as a business major.

  • Chairperson: Kristin Shepherd
  • Support Lead: Brooke Aubin
  • Members: Piotr Chelminski, Jacqueline Elcik, Teodros Getachew (FA22), Matthew Keane, Brian Lamoureux, and Peter Palumbo

Graduate Curriculum Committee

The Graduate Curriculum Committee reports to the SLT and oversees teaching and learning in the PCSB’s graduate programs. It includes program directors of graduate programs as well as faculty who regularly teach at the graduate level.

  • Chairperson: Jacqueline Elcik
  • Support Lead: Brooke Aubin
  • Members: Julia Camp, Daniel Horne, Jonathan Jackson, David McIntyre (SP23), Vivian Okere, and Julia Rumsey

Assurance of Learning Committee

The Assurance of Learning (AOL) Committee reports to the SLT and oversees the PCSB’s system of learning outcomes assessment in line with AACSB standards. The committee works with PCSB departments and faculty to coordinate AOL activities for the PCSB undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Chairperson: Jonathan Jackson
  • Support Lead: Lisa Mildner
  • Members: Carolyn Duane, Jacqueline Elcik, Christopher Lyddy, Kevin Newman, Vivian Okere, and Ranier Robinson

International Sub-committee

The International Sub-committee (ISC) reports to the SLT and AOL Committee with responsibility for PCSB study abroad programs, policies and procedures in coordination with the PC-wide Center for Global Education, and for teaching and learning related to international/global curricular and co-curricular programs and learning outcomes.

  • Chairperson: Jacqueline Elcik
  • Support Lead: Brooke Aubin
  • Members: Piotr Chelminski, Wen Chen, Andrew Donahue, Michael Grande, John Schibler, and Christian Wilwohl

Ad-Hoc Task Forces:


Core & Quantitative Curriculum Review Task Force

The Core and Quantitative Curriculum Review Task Force will assess the value provided to students by our existing set of required core courses for all PCSB students.

  • Chairpersons: Matthew Callahan and Matthew Eriksen
  • Support Lead: Lisa Mildner
  • Members: Robert Camp, J. David Cortes, Mark DeFanti, Jacqueline Elcik, Arati Kale, Stephen Kuselias (FA22), Charles Speicher, and Edward Szado (SP23)

Advising Transition Task Force

The Advising Transition Task Force will support and oversee the transition to a new advising model for the PCSB which incorporates three new professional advising staff positions.

  • Chairperson: Jacqueline Elcik
  • Support Lead: Brooke Aubin
  • Members: H. Kirk Bozigian, Brenda Canning, Abigail Corrington, Andrew Donahue, Matthew Moquin, Edward Nelson, and Kristin Shepherd

Other Service:


Core Course Coordinators


  • ACC 203/204: Julia Camp/Ranier Robinson
  • FIN 113: Robert Camp
  • FIN 207/308: Michael Shafer
  • FIN 310: Wen Chen
  • MGT 301: Christopher Lyddy
  • MGT 330: Brian Lamoureux
  • MKT 205: Rae Caloura
  • MKT 434: Scott Wright

Student Club & Co-Curricular Advisors


  • Accounting Association: Stephen Kuselias and Charles Speicher
  • American Marketing Association (AMA): H. Kirk Bozigian and Rae Caloura
  • Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA): Sara Gilkenson
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS): Jacqueline Elcik
  • Deloitte Audit Innovation Challenge: Stephen Perreault
  • Delta Sigma Pi (DSP): Andrew Donahue
  • Ethics Competition: Andrew Donahue, Michael Grande, and Patrick Kelly
  • Friar Sales Showcase: Andrew Donahue and Ronald Jelinek
  • International Business Club: Melissa Mardo
  • National Association of Black Accountants (NABA): Sara Gilkenson
  • PC Entrepreneurship Society: Andrew Donahue
  • PC Women in Business: Kristin Shepherd
  • PCSB Student Mentor Program: Matthew Moquin
  • PwC Challenge: Jessica Buchanan