Access Assistance for PCSB Students

PCSB Success Fund

The PCSB Success Fund was generously established in 2017 by Gregory S. Christenson ’89 and Eileen Harkins Christenson ’90 to support student needs for books, extra school fees, and academic advancing costs (e.g. class software), and the expenses to advance student education outside of the classroom (e.g. seminars). For more information, contact PCSB Dean Sylvia Maxfield at

PCSB Intern Fellowship Program

This program supports business majors with identified domestic (U.S.-based) internships that would not be feasible without a financial contribution from the Program. These could be internships during the summer or during the regular fall or spring terms. Examples include non-profit internships or formally structured supervised service project work. The Program will have three application cycles, and each cycle will have two deadlines. Applicants who are awarded funds can receive up to $2,500 to be put toward supporting expenses associated with participating in an internship (e.g., transportation, housing) or other related expenses (e.g., summer internship course tuition or course materials). For more information, click here.

PCSB Commuter Student Lockers

The School of Business has lockers available for undergraduate commuter students who are majoring and/or minoring in business and need a place to store personal effects while on campus for classes. These lockers are located on the second floor of the Ryan Center for Business Studies, and can be reserved on a semester-by-semester basis. Please contact Carolyn Duane at for more information.

Additional Commuter Student Resources

Undergraduate commuter students who have particular, demonstrated needs in order to pursue a PCSB course of study should contact commuter student liaison, Professor Kevin McMahon, to discuss potential PC and PCSB resources.

Short-Term Study Abroad Resources

The PC Faculty-Led Abroad (FLA) program consists of short-term, course-embedded, study abroad experiences. Most FLA courses take place during the spring semester, with travel occurring during Winter Break, Spring Break, or Maymester. Students who require assistance in order to pursue these course may be eligible for some financial support. Please contact the PCSB Dean’s Office for more information.