Fellowship Roles

Social Media FellowsThe various roles of the social media fellowship include Chief Content Officer, Community Manager, Analyst, Editor, and Brand Journalist. Each role is responsible for producing social media content. Below is a description of what responsibilities are unique to each role.

Chief Content Officer

  • Forming and communicating responsibilities to team members
  • Working closely with analysts to set and modify goals
  • Communicating PCSB status, results, and learning to advisors, social media members, and Providence College marketing and communication department
  • Scheduling and managing meetings
  • Monitoring online competitors’ presence and perception
  • Managing recruitment and training of social media fellows for the year

Community Manager

  • Preparing hashtag strategies and individual @reply strategies
  • Interacting with stakeholders in real time on various web platforms
  • Participating in online conversations
  • Monitoring online conversation for stories and trends that have reached a tipping point and are relevant to the brand’s audience
  • Ensuring that social media activities align with the brand story, voice and goals


  • Measuring goals
  • Translating anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising social media campaigns
  • Reporting on effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximize results


  • ​Editing and approving content submitted by contributors
  • Scheduling posts through Hootsuite
  • Conducting keyword research

Brand Journalist

  • Taking and editing photos
  • Creating digital images and videos