Admission Process and Deadlines

Providence College MBA Program seeks to enroll students who are ready for the academic rigor of graduate study, willing and able to meaningfully contribute to their courses, and prepared to experience working in industries that would encourage an interactive and vibrant learning community.

4 + 1 Applicants

PC juniors or seniors who are interested in the 4 + 1 program are encouraged to follow the posted application deadlines. Priority for admission into the Program will be given to complete applications submitted prior to the dates below. Completed applications received after the deadlines are subject to the rolling admission guidelines and will be reviewed within four to six weeks of the last 4 + 1 decision deadline.

 4+1 Junior Summer/Fall 2015

Term Admission Deadlines Decision Deadlines
Summer/Fall March 1 April 1

4+1 Senior Summer/Fall 2015

Term Admission Deadlines Decision Deadlines
Summer/Fall October 1 November 1
February 1 March 1


Full-Time & Part-Time Applicants

Professionals or undergraduate students who are interested in the full-time or part-time MBA Program are encouraged to apply as early as possible to avoid potential seat capacity or timing restrictions. PC MBA admission occurs on a rolling basis, and an admission review does not take place until the application is complete. The PC MBA Program will accept late applications on a space-available basis. Please allow four to six weeks for an admission decision.

Full-Time & Part-Time MBA Admission Deadlines

Term Admission Deadlines
Summer March 15
Fall May 1
Spring November 1


International Students

International applicants are encouraged to apply by the admission deadlines posted. International applicants who are not U.S. citizens must submit official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Test scores must be no more than two years old, and the score must be at least 100 (Internet-based exam).

International applicants must have all of their documentation, including official transcripts and grades, translated into English according to U.S. standards. For more information and documents for international students, please refer to the Application process and the Center for International Studies website.

International MBA Admission Deadlines

Term Admission Deadlines
Summer February 1
Fall April 1
Spring October 1

*After the deadlines, applications are accepted on a limited basis.


MBA Application Process

Step One

Complete and submit the application online, and pay the application fee. The $55.00 USD fee must be paid before the application can be processed.

Before starting the application for admission, please have your resume ready for upload, and complete your personal essay. Your essay should address the following areas, in 500 words or fewer:

  • Your reason for pursuing graduate study at Providence College.
  • Your academic background and work experience that qualifies you for the admittance to the MBA program and how this applies to your future plans or career goals.
  • Other information that may be of special interest or extenuating circumstances that you would like the program to know about your candidacy.

Step Two

Send to the MBA Office:

  • Official Transcripts
    Transcripts must be from all previously attended post-secondary educational institutions. This includes both complete and incomplete studies in the U.S. and non-U.S. institutions. If the official transcript(s) are not in English, the transcripts will need to be officially translated and evaluated. All transcripts must be sent from the academic institution to the MBA Program Office in sealed envelopes.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
    Complete the recommendation form and send it to two individuals who can speak to your ability to be successful in the MBA Program. Recommenders should send the recommendation letters directly to the MBA Program. Instructions are listed on the forms.
  • GMAT & GRE Score Reports
    MBA applicants are required to take the GMAT exam. Only students with terminal degrees and/or business certifications are eligible to request a GMAT waiver.

MBA applicants are responsible for ensuring that GMAT scores are released to the MBA program. The PC MBA code is 3406.

The MBA program has no minimum GMAT score, however, we do review the overall score, as well as the sub-scores. If an applicant takes the GMAT more than once, we will consider all scores submitted.

An MBA applicant may request that an exception be made to substitute the GRE exam. These exceptions are made generally for students who have taken the GRE more than three years, but up to five years prior to the date of submitting an MBA application.

Step Three (Only International Students)

International applicants must submit:

  1. The official score from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Test scores must be less than two years old and have a minimum score of 100 out of 120 on the TOEFL iBT test (Internet).
  2. Students must fill out an International Supplement form upon being accepted into the program and return it to the Office of International Studies.

Application materials may be sent via email or mail:

Providence College
MBA Program, 115 Koffler Hall
1 Cunningham Square
Providence, RI 02918


Check Application Status

MBA applicants are responsible for monitoring their application. The MBA Program will email applicants once all application materials have been sent to the MBA Program and the application is complete.

Applicants can monitor their application status here.

To protect the privacy of our applicants, we do not release the application status or decision via non-official email, phone, or fax. In addition, we do not discuss an applicant’s status with anyone except the applicant.


Selection Criteria

The MBA Program seeks students with strong intellectual and interpersonal skills. We holistically review applications, focusing on academic achievement, professional development, career goals, and personal characteristics. The Program has no minimum GPA or GMAT requirements, and we review applicant transcripts and GMAT sub-scores and take many factors into consideration. Sample averages from the 2014 class are below.

MBA 2014 Class Profile

Criteria Average
GMAT 530
Undergraduate GPA 3.27

Admission Notifications

The MBA Program will not review applications until they are complete. Once all of the required documentation has been received, the MBA Program will send an email indicating that the application is being reviewed. After the application is reviewed, the MBA Office will send the applicant an email with an attached letter confirming the admission decision within approximately four to six weeks.

Students will typically receive one of the following admission decisions:

Offer of admission, interview invitation, denial of admission, denial with an option to reapply, conditional admission, or waitlist offer.

Offer of Admission

If an applicant is admitted into the MBA Program, he or she will receive an acceptance letter and admission packet. The student will need to return his or her acceptance materials and enrollment fee to the MBA Program within 30 calendar days from the date of the acceptance letter. If a student fails to send in his or her acceptance materials and enrollment fee to the program, the applicant forfeits his or her spot in the MBA Program.

After the MBA Office has received the enrollment fee and acceptance packet, the office will contact the student regarding a mandatory orientation session and information on course registration. Admitted students are required to attend an academic advising session and orientation before beginning their first term. Failure to attend orientation may lead to MBA admission revocation and/or the placement of an academic hold on the student’s account.

Denial of Admission or Denial With an Option to Reapply

An applicant may receive a letter via email confirming that he or she has not been accepted into the MBA Program. An applicant may also receive a letter indicating a denial with an option to reapply. This letter is sent to students whose applications are competitive, with the exception of GPA, GMAT, or TOEFL. In this case, the Program will deny the student’s application, but will allow the student one calendar year to reapply once the student has increased his/her GPA, GMAT or TOEFL without paying an additional application fee or submitting the application materials again. The request is typically made to students to increase their GMAT score.

Waitlist Offer

Applicants who are waitlisted will receive a letter via email confirming that the student is waitlisted for that term. This means that the student’s application is competitive for admission for that term, but that the Program may not have capacity to accept that student. The letter will ask the applicant to contact the MBA Office to confirm whether he or she would like to remain on the waitlist until an opening is available to begin the Program for that semester. A student can request to be evaluated for admission for the next term.

Conditional Admission

Very few students are considered for conditional admission. These applicants will receive an email confirming they are admitted contingent upon specific conditions, such as maintaining a minimum GPA their first semester. If the student fails to meet the conditions of their acceptance, a hold will be placed on their account, and they will be removed from the Program.