Sydnee Manley

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 369


Ph.D. - Accounting E.H. Patterson School of Accountancy, University of Mississippi

Area(s) of Expertise:

Financial archival

Selected Publications:

Manley, S. Serial CEOs and venture capital support: Do recycled CEOs provide a comparative advantage?. .

Manley, S. Diala, L. The effectiveness of HyFlex delivery modalities on student performance in cost accounting transaction analysis. Issues in Accounting Education.

Manley, S. Flint, L. Herring, C. A content analysis of the portrayal of under-represented minorities in introductory accounting textbooks. Issues in Accounting Education.

Selected Presentations:

Manley, S. AAA Diversity Section. , New Orleans, LA - "“Recycled CEOs and Managerial Ability: Do Venture-Backed Companies have a Comparative Advantage?" , 2015

Manley, S. The PhD Project Accounting Doctoral Students Association Annual Meeting. , Chicago, IL - "“Examining Cash Flow Based Life Cycle and the Value Glamour Anomaly”" , 2015

Detailed CV