Majors, Minors & Certificate

_MG_0071.jpgThere are four academic departments and corresponding majors in the School of Business:

Major Degree Requirements

A bachelor of science degree in a business discipline requires a minimum of 120 credit hours. Some degree programs require more credit hours. To successfully complete the degree, students must maintain good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.0, both overall and in the major. Course requirements regularly evolve to meet the demands of the modern, changing market. Students should be careful to select the academic planning form corresponding to their major and expected year of graduation.

Accountancy Academic Planning Forms

Finance Academic Planning Forms

Management Academic Planning Forms

Marketing Academic Planning Forms


The PCSB offers minors in accountancy and finance. Minors offer students the opportunity to focus on an academic area that may complement their major. Both business majors and non-business majors may consider completing an accountancy or finance minor.

View the accountancy and finance required courses sheet here.

Business Studies Certificate

There are many academic paths for students to follow in developing a potential career in business. The traditional business major is one route that many students follow. However, there are other students who are interested in careers in business but do not wish to major in business. The School of Business offers a Business Studies Program to satisfy the needs of these students. The program consists of a series of seven business and business-related courses that students can take to supplement a non-business major. These seven courses are designed to provide a foundation for future careers in business. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the program are awarded a certificate in business studies.

Requirements for business studies certificate:

  • ACC 203 – Financial Accounting
  • MTH 107 – Mathematics for Business Analysis I (or a higher level Math course)
  • ECN 101 – Principles of Economics: MICRO
  • Human Relations Component
    • Recommended Course: MGT 101 Principles of Business Management
  • MKT 205 – Principles of Marketing
  • FIN 207 – Managerial Finance I
  • BSP 440 – Business Policy and Decision Making Analysis
    • This course is a senior-level capstone that covers the principles, methods, concepts, and procedures for decision-making and must be taken as the final course in the program. Prerequisite: a declared business studies senior and completion of a minimum of five of the program’s requirements. Five of the other course requirements are prerequisites. (It is acceptable to take one other course requirement with this course.)

For more detailed list of the requirements, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Please note: Students are eligible to apply for this program in the second semester of their first year. (Students should enroll as early in their academic careers as possible. This will enable students to receive advising and also will assist in scheduling the appropriate number of courses so sections will be available.) Seniors are not eligible to enroll. Information packets and application forms are available in 115 Koffler Hall from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.