Management Core Competencies

The Bachelor of Science in Management degree program prepares PC graduates to find their purpose, to lead and motivate people with integrity, to solve business problems creatively and ethically, and to succeed as part of a diverse workforce environment by managing innovation and change.

To help students flourish throughout their careers, we impart the following core competencies:

Perspectives & Purpose: Mindsets, Self-awareness, Mindfulness, Reflection, Global Citizenship, Ethics

  • Our educational approach begins with cultivating global, ethical, entrepreneurial, and curious mindsets to develop the perspective and purpose essential for sustained thriving and excellence throughout one’s career. The ability to continue learning and growing is fueled by discovering one’s personal impact and passion in a career. When these foundational characteristics are in place, students are prepared to tackle great challenges at every stage of their career. 

Charting Future Paths: Setting Vision & Strategy, Decision Making, Innovation

  • While mindsets and purpose are crucial ingredients, budding managers must make concrete decisions that support the success and their own well-being as well as the success and well-being of their teams and organizations. We provide in-depth training in how to manage and lead from any position, develop a well-reasoned strategy, make critical decisions, and manage innovation and change.

Joining Together: Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Promoting Inclusion

  • The right mindset and tools are two keys for success, but students must also learn to work for, alongside, and above others in their organizations. We give them the training to build positive interpersonal connections and cultures in their organizations. Doing so empowers them to lead from any position, work with teammates, communicate with clarity and inspiration, and promote organizational environments that bring people together.