David Zalewski


Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies


Ph.D. - Economics Clark University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Economics and Financial History, Political Economy, Ethics and Social Justice

Selected Publications:

Zalewski, D. (2018) Uncertainty, Control, and Karl Polanyi's Protective Response. Journal of Economic Issues.(52), 483-489.

Zalewski, D. (2014) Collective Action and Economic Justice: A Structural Approach. Journal of Economic Issues.(48), 493-500.

Zalewski, D. (2014) Integrating Liberal Arts into the Finance Curriculum: A Suggested Approach. International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education.(5), 197-209.

Zalewski, D. (2012) Collective Action Failures and Lenders of Last Resort: Lessons From the U.S. Foreclosure Crisis. Journal of Economic Issues.(46), 333-341.

Zalewski, D. (2011) Too Important to Fail: A Reconsideration of the Lender of Last Resort Function. Journal of Economic Issues.(45), 373-379.

Zalewski, D. (2011) Teaching About Financial Crises: A Methodological Approach . International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education.(2), 170-180.

Selected Presentations:

Zalewski, D. Financial Education Association . FEA, Charleston, SC - "Finance in Context: Some Experiences and Observations From an Interdisciplinary Capstone Course" September, 2012

Zalewski, D. ICAPE Conference. ICAPE, University of Massachusetts, Amherst - "Ethical Reform of Finance: Some Observations From Social Economics" November, 2011

Zalewski, D. , C. Dear Brothers and Sisters: Celebrating 120 Years Since Rerum Novarum. University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana - "Finance and Catholic Social Thought" March, 2011

Zalewski, D. . Association for Institutionalist Thought, Denver, Colorado - "The Subprime Mortgage Crisis: A Minskian Perspective" April, 2008

Zalewski, D. . Association for Evolutionary Economics, - "" , 2000

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