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Student Awards

Awards Ceremony

The following academic awards are granted to PCSB undergraduate students on a yearly basis, unless otherwise noted:

  • In 2019, the School of Business established its annual PCSB Leadership & Innovation Award. The PCSB Leadership & Innovation Award is sponsored by the PCSB Dean’s Office, and recognizes and acknowledges up to five commencing undergraduate students who have demonstrated both academic excellence and active engagement in the PCSB community-students who have impacted the campus and/or individuals in some way that will be remembered.
    • 2019 Recipients: Mackenzie Marguerite Coughlin, Michael Anthony Cruz, Madison Elizabeth Fairbanks, Olivia Isabelle Ferri, Kurt Friedrich Haller
  • The John J. Gula ’59 Award is granted by Mrs. Frances L. Gula in honor of her son to the highest-ranking senior(s) in a business discipline, determined by overall GPA.
    • 2019 Recipient: Emily Rose Kirslis 
  • The Highest in Accountancy Concentration Award is given to the student(s) in the accountancy major with the highest major GPA.
    • 2019 Recipients: Megan Catherine Stefanski, Madeline Jane Teixeira 
  • The Rhode Island Society of Certified Public Accountants Award recognizes an undergraduate accountancy major for his or her academic achievement in accounting.
    • 2019 Recipient: Lindsay Irene Stefano
  • The Gustave C. and Rita A. Cote Business Accounting Award was established by Professor Emeritus Gustave Cote to recognize the accountancy student who has achieved his or her potential in completing the program and who has positively contributed to the Providence College community through demonstrated service to others and/or participation in extracurricular activities.
    • 2019 Recipient: Casey Nanna
  • The Highest in Business Studies Concentration Award is given to the student(s) in the Business Studies Program with the highest overall GPA.
    • 2019 Recipients: Shannon Rose McGonagle, Alissa Raffaela Piatelli
  • The Highest in Finance Concentration Award is given to the student(s) in the finance major with the highest major GPA.
    • 2019 Recipient: Joseph Mullan Kapur
  • The Santander Award is presented to an outstanding student in finance who exemplifies himself or herself in all subject areas of the major.
    • 2019 Recipients: John Joseph Morelli, Sarina Jane Trethewey
  • The Highest in Management Concentration Award is given to the student(s) in the management major with the highest major GPA.
    • 2019 Recipient: Brendan Joseph Flynn
  • The Robert J. Auclair Management Entrepreneurship Award is presented by the Auclair family as a tribute to Robert J. Auclair, a beloved faculty member of business for 35 years who taught courses in principles of management, production management, small business management, and several other business courses. This award is presented to a senior who has excelled in the small business management class. Specifically, this student is recognized for excellence in the development of a business plan and a personal goal assessment.
    • 2019 Recipient: Vincent Desharnais
  • The Mary Politelli Award for Outstanding Achievement in Management is presented to an undergraduate management major based on academic achievement, as well as the embodiment of the mission and values of the Management Department and the School of Business.
    • 2019 Recipient: Robert Stacey Penney, Jr. 
  • The Highest in Marketing Concentration Award is given to the student(s) in the marketing major with the highest major GPA.
    • 2019 Recipient: Brianna Nicole Alberti 
  • The Excellence in Marketing Award is given to a student in the marketing major with the highest overall GPA, or to a high-ranking marketing major who made notable and valued classroom contributions, or provided extraordinary service to the major through his or her extra-curricular commitment to the Marketing Department.
    • 2019 Recipient: Kurt Friedrich Haller