_MG_2648_350pxPCSB Waitlist Process

The waitlist process allows the PCSB to serve students more efficiently and make appropriate programmatic decisions. Students should consult with their PCSB academic advisor prior to submitting a waitlist request form. PCSB faculty cannot accept or grant over-enrollment requests. Submission of a waitlist form does not guarantee enrollment in the course. The PCSB will determine seat availability based on a variety of factors.

Conditions for submitting a waitlist request:

  • If there is an open section of the course, students will need to register for it. There will be no exceptions, and a waitlist form will not be accepted. The PCSB will accept waitlist requests for only closed sections of courses.
  • Valid reasons for waitlist requests are the following: course(s) needed for graduation that semester/year, prerequisite issues that would delay graduation, or unavoidable conflicts with class times. Personal scheduling conflicts are not valid reasons for a waitlist request.

Steps for submitting a waitlist request:

  • Complete a waitlist form with waitlist choices. One form should be completed for each course request.
  • List the reason(s) for the waitlist request.
  • Bring the completed waitlist request form to the PCSB Undergraduate Program Office in Ryan Center 135.
  • The office will notify the student via his or her PC email address if a space becomes available and whether he or she has been registered for the course.

Please note: Requests for a sixth class/extra course are approved through the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies. Extra Course forms are available here, and, if approved, the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies will complete the registration. Registration for extra courses takes place only after classes begin and only on a space-available basis.