PCSB Registration Policies & Procedures

PCSB students are eligible to preregister for business courses prior to the open registration period each semester. Only PCSB students who have met with their PCSB academic advisor and/or have attended the first-year advising workshops are eligible for PCSB preregistration. Students must obtain their altPIN from their faculty or first-year advisor prior to registration in order to register. Students are permitted to register for only accountancy, finance, management, and marketing courses during PCSB preregistration.  Students who register for non-PCSB courses will be dropped from all non-business courses.


PCSB Spring 2018 Preregistration – Wednesday, November 8, 2017

PCSB Preregistration windows are as follows:

Class of 2018 & December 2018 Grads-  Seniors 6:30AM-11:59PM
Class of 2019 & December 2019 Grads-  Juniors 6:50AM-11:59PM
Class of 2020 & December 2020 Grads-  Sophomores  7:10AM-11:59PM
Class of 2021 – First Years 7:30AM-11:59PM

Accinno 100 and 101 and Ryan 105 will be open at 6:15am for PCSB Preregistration.

Only the first floor labs in Accinno will be staffed by Enrollment Services.

 The PCSB UG Program Office in Ryan 135 will be open at 6:30am on November 8.

Reminder: Students are ONLY permitted to register for ACC, FIN, MGT and MKT courses during PCSB pre-registration.  Students who register for non-PCSB courses will be dropped from non-Business courses only.


Steps to prepare for PCSB preregistration:

  • Read emails from the PCSB carefully for updates and reminders.
  • Select courses and alternate courses from the CyberFriar searchable schedule two to three weeks before PCSB preregistration.
  • Review this website for course offerings and registration information.  Please check prerequisites carefully and have alternative schedule configurations in mind in the event that sections are closed.
  • Contact your academic advisor to schedule an appointment to review course selection and to obtain an altPIN.
  • Make sure to be able to access CyberFriar well in advance of the registration period in case of issues with firewalls, security, etc.
  • Check for any account holds two to three weeks before PCSB preregistration. Holds can be viewed on CyberFriar – Student Services / Student Records / View Holds. If there are any account holds, work to get them resolved as soon as possible as some holds may take two weeks or longer to clear. Please note the PCSB and/or your academic advisor cannot remove holds or register you for classes.
  • In case of error messages during preregistration, refer to the Enrollment Services website for error definitions or visit the Office of Enrollment Services that morning.
  • During PCSB preregistration, Enrollment Services will delete all courses other than ACC, FIN, MGT, or MKT from the student’s course schedule. Notification will be sent to students who register for non-PCSB courses during PCSB preregistration.

Registration Tips:

Reminder: PCSB students must meet with their faculty advisor or first-year students must attend the first-year advising workshops to receive their altPIN.

Some tutorials you may find helpful:

These videos, and others, can also be viewed on the Office of Enrollment Services website.