Ruane Award for Business Education Innovation

The Business Education Innovation Center (BEIC) inaugurated the Ruane Award for Business Education Innovation in 2016.

Submissions of manuscripts and publications with a focus on business education innovation, spanning all business disciplines are vetted annually by a panel comprised of seasoned business education professionals, and the finalist(s) receive an award of $5,000.

Through their work, the award selection committee assists the BEIC in accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Emphasizing the importance of innovation in business education
  • Sharing innovative techniques or practices easily adapted to any business discipline
  • Raising awareness of business education innovation for the larger business faculty audience
  • Rewarding business education innovation research

A call for submissions is extended in early fall and recipients are selected and notified by early spring.

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Congratulations to the Recipients of the Ruane Awards for Business Education Innovation

 Terry Foster

Terry Foster, JD
Associate Professor, Marketing
Albers School of Business & Economics
Seattle University

Geneva Lasprogata

Geneva Lasprogata, JD, LLM
Associate Professor, Marketing, Robert D. O’Brien Chair of Business
Albers School of Business & Economics
Seattle University

“Fostering Integrative and Interdisciplinary Learning: A Business Law Exercise in Social Entrepreneurship, Global Health Innovation and Cloud Technology,” Atlantic Law Journal, Vol. 18, pp. 38-83.

The Providence College School of Business extends its thanks to the following members of the 2017 Ruane Award Selection Committee:

  • Lloyd Baird, Boston University
  • Brendan Bannister, Northeastern University
  • Mirjeta Beqiri, Gonzaga University
  • Cindy Corritore, Creighton University
  • Priscilla Elsass, Clark University
  • Donna Fletcher, Bentley University
  • Jon Garfinkel, University of Iowa
  • Steven Kursh, Northeastern College
  • Jane Parent, Merrimack College
  • Chris Stevens, Gonzaga University