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PoWE Peer Assessment Tool

PCSB is pleased to announce the official launch of the school’s Power of We (PoWE) Peer Assessment Tool via the iDecisionGames platform. This student-to-student peer feedback assessment program is now available for PCSB faculty to use in undergraduate and graduate business courses. It mirrors the practice of 360-degree evaluation common in the business workplace and facilitates students giving and receiving feedback to their teammates in course-embedded group projects.

The PoWE Peer Assessment Tool was created by Dr. Chris Lyddy and Dr. Deirdre Snyder of the Management Department over the past three years. In addition to researching and developing the tool, they also trialed numerous platforms to find the best way to deliver it.

“I enthusiastically recommend the use of the PoWE Peer Assessment Tool to all PCSB faculty teaching courses with group projects,” said Dr. Sylvia Maxfield, dean of the PC School of Business. “The implementation of the PoWE peer assessment exercise into the PCSB curricula is important for three key reasons. First, it allows students to see the progress they make throughout their time at PC toward becoming more effective team contributors – a critical skill for them to develop as they prepare to enter the modern workplace. Second, aggregated data collected through this tool will be used by the PCSB as another measure affirm our areas of strength, but more importantly, to help us identify areas for continuous improvement in our core curricula. And, finally, the PoWE Peer Assessment Tool provides us all the opportunity to continue to develop our own ability to give and receive feedback.”

The PoWE Peer Assessment Tool will begin implementation during the 2021 fall semester.