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PCSB Internships – National and Global – During COVID

What does an internship look like during COVID? What do students do during internships even in non-pandemic times? In 2020, many internships were virtual. However, PC students found that meaningful relationships can still be built, and valuable work can still be done, in a virtual environment. They even learned that they can have an international internship without leaving campus. 

More than 95% of PCSB students complete an internship during their undergraduate years. The range of industries is remarkable – from professional sport teams to Big 4 accounting firms, from investment banking and technology to non-profit zoos and public transit authorities – along with everything in between! You can read about students’ internship experiences in the PCSB Internship Spotlight interview series.   

PC School of Business student study abroad experiences include an internship. COVID-19 may have temporarily derailed study abroad plans, but the Center for Global Education launched a number of “internationalization at home” initiatives, including virtual internships with a global focus. “With student mobility currently ‘on pause,’ it is imperative for Providence College to remain committed to providing academic experiences for students to engage critically with the world and develop an understanding of other cultures and diverse traditions,” noted Dr. Christian Wilwohl, PC’s dean of global education. The first virtual placements with international companies begin this spring. Qualifying for one is a competitive process and scholarships are available. Additional globally focused internships will be offered this summer, and, most likely, will continue even after traditional study abroad resumes. 

Are you interested in hiring a PCSB student for your company’s internship? Learn more about the processsign up as an employer in Handshake, or contact Laura Pellecchia, associate director of internships at or 401-865-2458 for more information.