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MBA Prerequisites & Foundational Requirements

The MBA Program requires each student to complete nine prerequisite courses. These courses provide a basic foundation for the MBA Program and are prerequisites for MBA core courses. A complete list of core and prerequisite courses can be found in the 4 + 1 Plan of Study, the Full-Time/Part-Time Plan of Study, and the Accounting Cohort Plan of Study.

  • Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting
  • Managerial Finance I & II
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Mathematics for Business Analysis/Business Calculus
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Principles of Marketing

These courses are not required to begin the MBA Program. However, students may complete all, some, or none of these courses before applying and beginning the program. It is recommended students apply to the MBA Program prior to taking prerequisite classes. Students who need to fulfill any of the prerequisite/foundation courses can take these courses at any accredited institution or through the PC School of Continuing Education (SCE). Students interested in taking a course with SCE as a prerequisite should contact the SCE Office at 401-865-2487 or

The MBA Program offers three MBA prerequisite courses one time a year:

MBA Prerequisite Prerequisite MBA Course Equivalent Semester Offered
Financial and Managerial Accounting MBA 548 – Introduction to Accounting Concepts Fall
Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics MBA 533 – Introduction to Economic Concepts Fall
Managerial Finance I & II MBA 532 – Introduction to Financial Concepts Spring

MBA Foundational and Core Requirements
Effective January 2020, the MBA Program is adopting a new curriculum that integrates more business analytics and decision-making skills. As a result, a new core course has been added – MBA 687: Business Analytics I: Statistics and Modeling. We have also re-designed MBA 690: Operations and Service Management to Business Analytics II: Operations Management and Optimization.

In addition to all Undergraduate pre-requisites for the MBA Program, and to ensure students succeed in the new MBA curriculum, all students must complete MBA 502: Foundations of Business, a zero-credit-hour, pass/fail course. This course should be completed by the dates noted below and is required for graduation. Delays in completion of MBA 502 may result in course withdrawal, which could postpone sequencing of courses and graduation. MBA 502 is designed to prepare students for quantitative MBA coursework and includes three requirements:

 1. MBA Math (online): All sections of MBA Math, which consists of: Spreadsheets, Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Statistics, must be completed with, at least, an 85% to satisfy MBA 502 and to graduate from the MBA Program. MBA Math is paid for via your enrollment deposit. Access to MBA Math will be provided to students shortly after the reply to offer of admission and enrollment deposit are received.

Undergraduate business majors should have most, if not all, pre-requisites coming into the program and should complete MBA Math by prior to attending the New Student Orientation (orientation dates can be viewed on our New Student Orientation Workshops page.

Students who do not have all pre-requisites will complete the Spreadsheets section of MBA Math prior to attending the New Student Orientation. These students will then have one year from the start of the program to complete the foundational pre-requisites and remaining MBA Math sections. NOTE: The MTH/FIN 217 pre-requisite must be satisfied prior to the Statistics section of MBA Math and the Statistics section must be completed prior to registering for MBA 687.

Students who do not complete MBA Math sections by specified deadlines will be withdrawn from section-aligned courses the week before classes begin, which may delay graduation.

2. Excel Proficiency
: Students must demonstrate Microsoft Excel proficiency in preparation for MBA 687 and MBA 690. Additional details on Microsoft Excel proficiency options will be available in he weeks upcoming once a reply to offer of admission and enrollment deposit are received. Coupled with the MBA Math spreadsheets section, additional preparation may include an exam or a Microsoft Excel Certification, which can be completed online or in-person with a program of the student’s choice. Students who do not demonstrate Microsoft Excel proficiency prior to beginning MBA 687 will be withdrawn from the course, which may delay completion of the MBA Program.

3. New Student Orientation Workshop(s): All new students must attend the mandatory New Student Orientation Workshop(s). Orientation is designed to prepare students for the MBA Program on topics such as: skills and professional development, business communications, and leadership. Students will also network with peers, professors, and MBA staff. Orientation dates are listed on acceptance letters and can be viewed here.