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MBA Core Courses

The MBA Core consists of 12 courses – providing students with exposure to a broad range of business topics and helping them to gain an understanding of business. The core curriculum is designed to provide students an in-depth mastery of the academic discipline and functional areas needed for today’s business leaders.

Core Course Number Core Course Title Credit Hours
MBA 603 Accounting and Decision Making in Organizations 3 credits
MBA 626 Financial Management for Corporations 3 credits
MBA 651 Marketing Management in Competitive Environments 3 credits
MBA 676 Organizational Effectiveness Through People and Teams 3 credits
MBA 677/611 Professional Ethics and Responsibility/Accounting Ethics 3 credits
MBA 689 Managing Information Resources 3 credits
MBA 687
MBA 690
Statistics for Business Analytics
Analytics in Operations Management
3 credits
3 credits
MBA 699* Real-World Experience: Business Internships 3 credits
MBA 700 Strategic Management in a Global Business Environment 3 credits

*MBA 699 Real-World Experience

The MBA Program requires work experience. Students are required to complete a 400-hour business-related internship. Students must be registered for MBA 699, the Real-World Experience: Business Internships course at the same time as working the internship. The internship requirement must be completed within the first semester of attendance. Working professional MBA students and students with significant prior business work experience may waive this requirement and substitute with an elective.

MBA Core Course Waivers

Students are able to waive select core courses based on previous academic work. Students with a B or better in six courses in Accountancy, Finance, Management, or Marketing may waive the core course equivalent.

Accounting →   MBA 603

Finance →        MBA 626

Marketing →     MBA 651

Management → MBA 676