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MBA Electives and Concentrations

Elective Courses

MBA students must complete between three and five electives to obtain an MBA degree. The MBA Program offers electives each semester. In addition, the program offers elective courses in an accelerated format throughout the year. The schedule of classes has been developed by the faculty to build upon each other to provide the analytical tools and business knowledge needed to compete. These courses are typically all-day, evening, and, in some cases, weekends.

Three electives in the same subject can be used toward a concentration. For more information about concentrations, please refer to MBA Academics.

Sample Electives:

  • Accounting Frauds, Scandals and Scams
  • Accounting for Government and Non-Profits
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Portfolio Management
  • Brand Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Social Media in the Business Environment
  • Leadership Coaching


While the core of the MBA curriculum provides breadth of knowledge, students can develop depth of knowledge in a particular area by completing an elective concentration in Finance, International Business, Management, or Marketing. Students interested in Accounting should apply for the Accounting Cohort program. Part-time students interested in Accounting must declare a concentration upon entry into the program.

MBA electives can be used to fulfill a concentration. Concentrations require the completion of at least three elective courses that are discipline specific.

A concentration is not required to complete the MBA.

Please refer to the Electives and Concentrations document for more information.