Fellows Program

The Business Education Innovation Center engages a handful of business students each year, ranging from sophomores to MBA students, as member of the Business Education Innovation Fellows Program. Nominations for these fellowships are welcomed from students, faculty, and administration. Fellows help the BEIC showcase innovation in the classroom, whether by researching or analyzing existing classroom innovation or undertaking a new classroom innovation — each with a mentoring faculty member. This program also includes team projects, particularly case competitions and experiential works such as consulting and recommendations for real enterprises.

Each fellow is sponsored and supported by a Providence College School of Business faculty member and receives additional support from the Center in the form of brainstorming, coaching, and idea development. Most ideas for innovation come from curriculum with which fellows are already familiar. These innovations can fall along a broad spectrum, and examples include implementation of new case studies in the classroom, creation of supplemental videos for existing lectures, and addition of online study tools and classroom polling tools.

The fellow is charged with preparing the implementation strategy with thorough oversight of, and approval from, the faculty mentor. From there, the fellow and faculty mentor are responsible for sharing with the BEIC director a draft manuscript outlining implementation of techniques, tools, or both. This written work includes a narrative or guide that details the innovation, as well as some form of assessment for the implementation (feedback, survey, test results).

The Center encourages the fellow and faculty mentor to submit the resulting written work for publication and will pay once for both the technical editing of and submission fee for such a purpose. In addition, if the fellow and faculty mentor wish to present the work at a business education innovation conference or similar, the Center will fund the participation of both the faculty mentor and the fellow to the extent that funds are not already available from Providence College for such purposes.


The BEI Fellows and the faculty members are offered both a small budget and a financial award. In our standard practice we offer budgets of $500 to help each pairing accomplish its goals, while also awarding $500 to the BEI Fellow and $1,000 to the faculty member for participating in the program. We make one-half of the financial award when we accept the in the first, or Fall, term and one-half when the project is completed in the Spring term.


1BEI faculty fellows for the current year must wait one calendar year before applying for another fellows grant. That is, if a faculty member received a fellows award for the Fall 2015/Spring 2016 series, then he/she must wait out the Fall 2016/Spring 2017. He/she may then apply for the Fall 2017/Spring 2018 series.

2The innovation fellowship must be for a course the student fellow has already successfully completed with the faculty member.

3Team projects involving up to four (4) students (e.g., particularly case competitions and experiential works like consulting & recommendations for real enterprises) are possible but require both smaller stipends per student and greater deal of the role of each of those students in the innovation.

4. A draft manuscript on the new, or recent, implementation of the technique, tools, or both is required by the innovation fellows team. The written work must include a narrative or guide detailing the innovation, but must also contain some form of assessment for the implementation (e.g., feedback, survey, test results).

5. All full-time faculty in the School of Business, including practitioner faculty, are eligible for the fellows program.

6. The BEIC is only able to create a maximum of four (4) pairs (1 faculty with 1 student) or partnerships per year (1 faculty member with up to 4 students) per series, or year.