Wen (Wendy) Chen

Assistant Professor

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Ryan Center for Business Studies 362


Ph.D. - Supply Chain Management University of Texas

Selected Publications:

Tan, B. Feng, Q. Chen, W. , . (2016) Dual Sourcing under Random Supply Capacities: The Role of the Slow Supplier. Production And Operations Management.(25), 1232-1244.

France, S. Chen, W. Deng, Y. (2016) ADCLUS and INDCLUS: Analysis, Experimentation, and Meta-Heuristic Algorithm Extensions Advances in Data Analysis and Classification. Advances in Data Analysis and Classification.1-23.

Chen, W. Katehakis, M. Fleischhacker, A. (2015) Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control in a Dual-Market Environment. Naval Research Logistics.(62), 531-549.

Chen, W. Feng, O. Seshadri, S. (2015) Inventory-based dynamic pricing with costly price adjustment. Production And Operations Management.(24), 732-749.

Chen, W. Shi, B. (2014) How Should the Hospital Assign Service Volume to Private Payers Optimally?. IEEE Transactions On Engineering Management.(61), 646 - 655.

Chen, W. Feng, Q. Seshadri, S. (2013) Sourcing from Suppliers with Random Yield for Price-Dependent Demand. Annals Of Operations Research.(208), 557-579.

Zhao, G. Chen, W. (2011) Ensuring quality-science from “R” to “D”: An optimal adoption strategy for in-licensing of pharmaceutical innovation. IEEE Transactions On Engineering Management.(58), 643-661.

Zhao, G. Chen, W. (2010) A stochastic model for pharmaceutical R&D project management in a make-or-buy decision setting. IEEE Transactions On Engineering Management.(57), 488-501.

Zhao, G. Chen, W. (2009) Enhancing R&D in science-based industry: An optimal stopping model for drug discovery. International Journal Of Project Management.(27), 754-764.

Selected Presentations: