Mark DeFanti

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 368


Ph.D. - Marketing Texas A&M University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Brand heritage, brand portfolio management, corporate name changes, corporate image and reputation, innovation in marketing education.

Awards and Honors:

PCSB Teaching Innovation Award Providence College School of Business

PCSB Teaching Excellence Award Providence College School of Business

Selected Publications:

Horne, D. Nickerson, D. DeFanti, M. (2015) Improving Supply Chain Efficiency through Electronic Payments. Journal Of Marketing Channels.

DeFanti, M. Bird, D. Caldwell, H. (2014) Gucci's Use of a Borrowed Corporate Heritage to Establish a Global Luxury Brand. Competition Forum.(12), 45-56.

DeFanti, M. Bird, D. Caldwell, H. , . (2012) Consumer Perception of Luxury Fragrance Brand Advertising: Measuring the Relative Impact of Brand and Sub-Brand. Competition Forum.(10), 130-135.

Bird, D. DeFanti, M. Vaghi, J. Caldwell, H. (2010) Men's Luxury Watch Market: Sex Appeal and Status in Advertising. Competition Forum.(8), 148-152.

DeFanti, M. Caldwell, H. Bird, D. (2009) Assessing the Influence of Models, Bottles and Brands on Consumers’ Preference of Fragrances. Business Research Yearbook.(16), 73-80.

Selected Presentations:

Chelminski, P. DeFanti, M. American Society for Competitiveness Conference . American Society for Competitiveness, Washington, D.C. - "Leveraging Brand Heritage’s Effects on Consumers’ Attitudes and Intentions to Enhance Competitiveness. Outstanding Paper Award" October, 2016

Chelminski, P. DeFanti, M. 4th International Consumer Brand Relationships Conference. Consumer Brand Relationships Association, Porto, Portugal - "The effects of brand heritage on consumers’ brand attitudes and purchase intentions" May, 2015

DeFanti, M. Bird, D. Caldwell, H. , . Conference on Historical Research in Marketing. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, Copenhagen, Denmark - "Forever Now: Gucci's Use of a Partially Borrowed Heritage to Establish a Global Luxury Brand" , 2014

DeFanti, M. Bird, D. Caldwell, H. American Society for Competitiveness 25th Annual Conference. IUP, Washington, DC - "Gucci's Use of a Borrowed Corporate Heritage to Establish a Global Luxury Brand" October, 2014

DeFanti, M. MMA Fall Educators Conference. Marketing Management Association, San Antonio, TX - "Using the American Marketing Association Integrated Marketing Plan National Competition as a Teaching Tool" September, 2014

Bird, D. Caldwell, H. DeFanti, M. Conference on Historical Analysis & Research in Marketing (CHARM). Association for Historical Research in Marketing (AHRIM) , New York, NY - "A Fragrance to Empower Women: The History of Charlie" May, 2011

DeFanti, M. Cadwallader, S. AMA Summer Educators Conference . American Marketing Association, Chicago, IL - "The Effect of Customers’ Perceptions of a Change to a Dual-Purpose Corporate Name on a Firm’s Stock Price" July, 2003

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