Julia Camp

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:



Ryan Center for Business Studies 355


Ph.D. - Business Administration - Accounting Concentration; University of Kentucky

Brief Biography

CPA (PA Inactive), PhD; Formerly worked as Senior Associate at Coopers and Lybrand, LLP. Specializes in federal taxation and accounting education

Area(s) of Expertise:

Financial Accounting; Federal Taxation; Accounting and Taxation Education

Awards and Honors:

2017-2018 Outstanding MBA Faculty Award Providence College

Teaching Innovation Award Providence College School of Business

College of Management Teaching Fellowship University of Massachusetts - Boston

College of Management - Betty Diener Graduate Teaching Award University of Massachusetts - Boston

Best Paper Award at Annual Meeting American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences

Selected Publications:

Camp, J. Kuselias, S. (2018) Introducing U.S. Equity Crowdfunding: Potential Risks and Tax Implications. Tax Adviser, The.(49), 32-36.

Camp, J. Dexter, J. (2017) Updates to Section 911 Provide Tax Saving Opportunities. Practical Tax Strategies.(99), 40-41.

Camp, J. Dexter, J. (2017) Updates to Section 911 Provide Tax Saving Opportunities. Journal of Taxation.(127), 178-179.

Camp, J. (2017) Ideas on incorporating tax policy into a first tax course. Tax Adviser, The.(48), 588-593.

Dexter, J. Camp, J. (2017) Using Actual Products To Aid Students’ Understanding Of Basic Cost Concepts In Introductory Managerial Accounting Classes. Accounting Instructors' Report.(May 2017),

Camp, J. Earley, C. Morse, J. (2015) The Use of Alternative Quiz Formats to Enhance Students’ Experiences in the Introductory Accounting Course. Advances in Accounting Education.(17), 25-43.

Jones, A. Camp, J. (2010) Using Debate to Enhance Critical Thinking in the Accounting Classroom: Two Examples of Debates on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Tax Policy Issues. Issues In Accounting Education.(25), 655-675.

Kelley, A. Camp, J. (2010) Trading Losses and Electing Mark-to-Market Accounting in a Challenging Economy. Journal Of Financial Services Professionals.(64), 81-85.

Camp, J. Stephenson, T. Wade, S. (2009) Evidence of the Lack of Effectiveness of Low-Income Savings Incentives. Midwestern Business And Economic Review.(Spring 2008 edition, printed 2009), p11-17.

Brennan Camp, J. Hulse, D. Vines, C. (2008) The Effect of the Form of Tax Incentives on Individuals' Savings Decisions. Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences.(18), 123-147.

Camp, J. Hulse, D. (2008) Using Health Savings Accounts as Long-Term Investments. Journal Of Financial Services Professionals.

Brennan, J. Hulse, D. (2003) Evaluating the tax benefits of deducting stock market losses in IRAs. Journal Of Financial Services Professionals.45-55.

Selected Presentations:

Camp, J. RIAAP 2018 Spring Meeting. RIAPP, Warwick, RI - "Gamification in the Accounting Classroom" April, 2018

Camp, J. American Taxation Association - Midyear Meeting. American Taxation Association, Phoenix, AZ - "How to Incorporate Tax Policy into a First Tax Course" February, 2017

Camp, J. American Accounting Association Northeast Regional Meeting. , Quincy, MA - "Gamification and Competition in an Introductory Accounting course" October, 2016

Camp, J. Kelly, P. Hartley, C. American Accounting Association Annual Meeting - Effective Learning Strategies Session. AAA, Denver, CO - "In Search of a Strategy to Hit the Jackpot: State Revenues from Casino Gambling" August, 2011

Camp, J. Kelly, P. Hartley, C. American Accounting Association - Public Interest Midyear Meeting. American Accounting Association, Chicago, IL - "In Search of a Strategy to Hit the Jackpot: State Revenues from Casino Gambling" April, 2011

Goodrich, P. Camp, J. Kelly, P. Ninth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations. International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - "Management Accounting Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Today's Global Music Industry" June, 2009

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