Christopher Lyddy

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 263


Ph.D. - Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University

Brief Biography

I study the nature, integration, and impacts of mindfulness at work. My theoretical work develops frameworks for conceptualizing the management of mindfulness for workplace functioning. I also am conducting empirical work examining the relationship between mindfulness and resilient self-control under adverse conditions.

Area(s) of Expertise:

The integration and impacts of mindfulness and related practices in organizational contexts; self-regulation.

Awards and Honors:

Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship Award Providence College School of Business

Osterweil Prize University of Michigan, Economics Department

Phi Beta Kappa University of Michigan

Selected Publications:

Lyddy, C. Good, D. (2017) Being While Doing: An Inductive Model of Mindfulness at Work. Frontiers in Psychology.(7), 2060.

Lyddy, C. Reyer, A. Schachter, Y. Julliard, K. (2016) Transfer of mindfulness training to the work setting: A qualitative study in a health care system. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.(36), 240-248.

Stephens, J. Lyddy, C. (2016) Operationalizing heedful interrelating: How attending, responding, and feeling comprise coordinating and predict performance in self-managing teams. Frontiers in Psychology.(7), 362.

Good, D. Lyddy, C. Glomb, T. Bono, J. Brown, K. Duffy, M. Baer, R. Brewer, J. Lazar, S. (2016) Contemplating mindfulness at work: An integrative review. Journal Of Management.(42), 114–142.

Selected Presentations:

Lyddy, C. Healey, T. LaRoche, G. Lee, A. International Symposium for Contemplative Research. Mind & Life Institute, Phoenix, AZ - "Contemplative Management: The Emerging Art and Science of Mindfulness at Work" November, 2018

Lyddy, C. Ahlvik, C. Reina, C. Good, D. Academy of Management Annual Meeting. , Chicago, IL - "Overworked and Under-Resourced: A Mindfulness Intervention for Middle Manager Well-Being" August, 2018

Lyddy, C. Good, D. Mindfulness at Work Summit. Mindful Leader, Virtual - "The Science of Contemplative Management: Impacts and Integration of Mindfulness at Work" June, 2018

Good, D. Lei, Z. Lyddy, C. Margolis, J. Bono, J. Druskat, V. Fisher, C. Resick, C. , . Academy of Management Annual Meeting. , Atlanta, GA - "Present Together: Incubating Research at the Interface of Mindfulness and Teams" August, 2017

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Lyddy, C. Ahlvik, C. International Symposium for Contemplative Studies. Mind and Life Institute, San Diego, A - " Leading Mindfully: Taking Workplace Well-Being to the Next Level " November, 2016