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Sonia Gantman

Associate Professor

Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 358


Ph.D. - Information Systems Bentley University

Brief Biography:

BS in Economics and Computer Science Years of work as software developer MS in Accountancy PhD in Information Systems Assistant Professor of Accountancy in PC since 2012

Area(s) of Expertise:

Accounting and managerial Information Systems, Information Systems development and adoption, Inter-organizational communication and knowledge management, IT Outsourcing relationships, Gender differences in computer use

Selected Publications:

Gantman, S. Zinoviev, D. (2017) Conceptual Structure of Fraud Research and its Dynamics. Boston, MA: Association of Information Systems

Ikemoto, M. Gantman, S. Silveira Chaves, M. (2017) Use of Social Media in IT Project Management: A Literature Review . Iberoamerican Journal of Project Management .(8), 87-107.

Gantman, S. (2017) Introducing Students to Understanding Business Processes and Identifying Data Sources. Accounting Information Systems Educator Journal.(12), 20-24.

Gantman, S. (2017) In S.Palvia, P.Palvia (Ed.), IT Outsourcing in the Public Sector: A Literature Analysis. (11), World Scientific-Now Publishers Series in Business

Gantman, S. Fedorowicz, J. (2016) In Stanislaw Wrycza (Ed.), Contractual Specification of Communication Tools in Outsourced ISD Projects. (264), Cham: Springer

Gantman, S. Fedorowicz, J. (2016) Communication and control in outsourced IS development projects: Mapping to COBIT domains. International Journal Of Accounting Information Systems.(21), 63-83.

Gantman, S. Fedorowicz, J. (2014) Advanced communication tools and project success in complex outsourced it projects. Tel Aviv: Proceedings of 22nd European Conference on Information Systems

Fedorowicz, J. Sawyer, S. Williams, C. Markus, M. Dias, M. Tyworth, M. Gantman, S. Jacobson, D. Tomasino, A. Shrier, R. (2014) Design Observations about Interagency Collaboration. Government Information Quarterly.(31), 302–316.

Gantman, S. (2011) IT Outsourcing in the Public Sector: A Literature Analysis. Journal of Global Information Technology Management (JGITM).(14), 48-83.

Fedorowicz, J. Gantman, S. Golibersuch, A. (2010) Gender Differences in Teenagers' Elective Use of Computer Technology. Communications of the Assoc for Info Systems.(27), 3.

Williams, C. Dias, M. Fedorowicz, J. Jacobson, D. Sawyer, S. Gantman, S. Tyworth, M. (2009) The Formation of Inter-Organizational Information Sharing Networks in Public Safety: Carographic Insights on Rational Choice and Institutional Explanations. Information Polity.(14), 13-29.

Jacobson, D. Pehlivan, E. Gantman, S. Wong, W. (2008) Combining Web mining techniques and structural equation modeling (SEM) for measuring e-commerce perceptions. Case Studies in Business, Industry and Government Statistics.(2),

Selected Presentations:

Gantman, S. Zinoviev, D. Research Seminar. Suffolk University, Boston, MA - "Conceptual Structure of Fraud Research and its Dynamics. " October, 2017

Gantman, S. Zinoviev, D. AMCIS (Americas Conference of Information Systems). Association of Information Systems, Boston, MA - "Conceptual Structure of Fraud Research and its Dynamics. " August, 2017

Gantman, S. RIAAP conference. RIAAP, Warwick, RI - "What I learned from my students’ experiential learning" April, 2017

Gantman, S. International research seminar. Academic College Ono, Tel Aviv, Israel - "The use of Advanced Communication Tools in Complex Outsourced IT Projects" May, 2016

Gantman, S. Fedorowicz, J. International Symposium on Accounting Information Systems. University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA - "Communication and Control in Outsourced IS Development Projects" October, 2015

Gantman, S. AIS Educators Conference. , Colorado Springs, CO - "Using Amazon to Introduce the Concept of Business Process in AIS Class" June, 2015

Gantman, S. Fedorowicz, J. Research Seminar. University of Haifa, Israel - "Advanced communication tools and project success in complex outsourced IT projects" July, 2014

Gantman, S. CIS/IPM Seminar. Bentley University, Boston, MA - "Client's Boundary Spanning Capability as an Antecedent of Relationship Quality in Outsourced ISD Projects" , 2010

Gantman, S. Fedorowicz, S. The 11th International Conference of Digital Governance Research (DG.O). , Pueblo, Mexico - "IT Outsourcing in Interagency Collaborations: Lessons from Public Safety Networks" May, 2010

Gantman, S. IFIP 9.2 post-ICIS workshop. , Montreal, Canada - "Is IT Employment in the USA Really Hurt by Off Shoring and Work Immigration?" December, 2007