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Deirdre Snyder

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 343


Ph.D. - Organizational Behavior University of North Carolina

Other - Spanish track University of South Carolina

Brief Biography:

Deirdre Snyder is an Assistant Professor of Management at Providence College. She teaches organizational behavior to undergraduate and MBA students in the School of Business. Deirdre received her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from UNC-Chapel Hill. At UNC she taught MBA classes in Ethical Leadership, Leading and Managing, Leading from the Middle, and Negotiations. She received the Wayne De Lozier Fellowship Award to the outstanding Ph.D. student in 2013. Her research interests include the impact of emotions on behaviors at work, organizational attachment, and ethical decision making. Her work on ethical decision making was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Area(s) of Expertise:

Organizational behavior, loneliness at work, prosocial and deviant behaviors at work

Selected Publications:

Snyder, D. Newman, K. (2019) Reducing consumer loneliness through brand communities. Journal Of Consumer Marketing.(36), 337-347.

Welsh, D. Ordonez, L. Snyder, D. Christian, M. (2015) The slippery slope: How small ethical transgressions pave the way for larger future transgressions.. Journal Of Applied Psychology.(100), 114-127.

Selected Presentations:

Guido, O.P., J. Snyder, D. Volunteer Leadership Conference. Providence College, - "Managing Change by Changing Your Mind" October, 2019

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Fragale, A. Affinito, S. Raz, K. Snyder, D. Academy of Management. , Atlanta, GA - "Authority without Admiration: The Negative Treatment of Low Status Powerholders" August, 2017

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