Daniel Horne


Contact Information:



Ryan Center for Business Studies 251


Ph.D. - Marketing University of Michigan

Area(s) of Expertise:

Consumer Payments, Gift Selection & Purchase

Selected Publications:

Norberg, P. Horne, D. Algorithmic Interference: Infringement on Forming Intimate Associations and the Manipulation of Weak Ties. American Marketing Association

Horne, D. Norberg, P. Inequity in Adoption of Payments Innovation. American Council for Consumer Interests

Horne, D. (2016) Financial Exclusion: Technology, the Digital Divide and Poverty. Leeds: Greenleaf Publishing

Horne, D. Bendle, N. (2016) Gift Cards: A Review and Research Agenda. International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research.(26), 154-170.

Horne, D. Nickerson, D. DeFanti, M. (2015) Improving Supply Chain Efficiency through Electronic Payments. Journal of Marketing Channels.

Horne, D. Norberg, P. (2014) Consumer Coping with Loss of Control in Information-based Exchanges. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.(42),

Horne, D. (2010) Letters to My Late Dog: Who's Watching Information Quality?. Journal of Consumer Marketing.(26),

Selected Presentations:

Chelminski, P. Horne, D. International Conference on Business and Information. International Business Academics Consortium, Bangkok, Thailand - "What Factors Drive Adoption of Mobile Payments among European Consumers?" January, 2017

Horne, D. Bendle, N. Austin, C. Recent Advances in Retailing. EIRASS, Montreal - "Gift Card Attitudes and Gift Card Behaviors: A Five Country Study" July, 2015

Chelminski, P. Horne, D. International Conference on Electronic Business. International Consortium for Electronic Business, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - "An Examination of Attributes of Mobile Payments and Their Influence on Consumer Intentions to Adopt the New Way to Pay: A Case from The United Kingdom" December, 2013

Horne, D. 6th Annual Prepaid and Payments Retreat. Payments Exchange Canada, Toronto, ON - "Thinking Critically about Data" June, 2013

Horne, D. ACCI 2013. American Council in the Consumer Interest, Portland, OR - "Patterns of Gift Card Non-Redemption" April, 2013

Horne, D. Prepaid United: European Gift and Prepaid Retreat 2012. Global Prepaid Exchange, London, UK - "UK Consumer Insight: 2012 Research" October, 2012

Horne, D. Norberg, P. Chelminski, P. Cross-Cultural Research Conference. ACR, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - "Paying the Bill: Comparing Payment Method Choices across Canadian, UK and US Consumers" December, 2009

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