Christine Earley


Contact Information:


Ryan Center for Business Studies 351


Ph.D. - Accounting University of Pittsburgh, Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business

Area(s) of Expertise:

Auditing and ethics in accounting

Awards and Honors:

Providence College Center for Teaching Excellence - Innovation in Teaching Award Providence College

AICPA Effective Learning Strategies Educator Award Program-Mark Chain/FSA 2021 Teaching Innovation Award-Honorable Mention AICPA/FSA

Selected Publications:

Earley, C. (2015) Data Analytics in Auditing: Opportunities and Challenges. Business Horizons.(58), 493-500.

Westermann, K. Bedard, J. Earley, C. (2015) Learning the "Craft" of Auditing: A Dynamic View of Auditors' On-the-job Learning. Contemporary Accounting Research.(32), 864-896.

Camp, J. Earley, C. Morse, J. (2015) The Use of Alternative Quiz Formats to Enhance Students’ Experiences in the Introductory Accounting Course. Advances in Accounting Education.(17), 25-43.

Earley, C. Feng, N. Kelly, P. (2015) The City of Providence, RI: A case examining the financial condition of a U.S. municipality. Issues in Accounting Education.(30), 127-139.

Cullinan, C. Earley, C. Roush, P. (2013) Multiple Auditing Standards & Standard Setting: Implications for Practice and Education. Current Issues in Auditing.(7), C1-C10.

Hurtt, R. Brown-Liburd, H. Earley, C. Krishnamoorthy, G. (2013) Research on Auditor Professional Skepticism: Literature Synthesis and Opportunities for Future Research. Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory.(32), 45-97.

Kelly, P. Earley, C. (2011) Ethical Leaders in Accounting. Advances in Accounting Education.(12), 53-76.

Kelly, P. Earley, C. (2009) Leadership and Organizational Culture: Lessons Learned from Arthur Andersen. Accounting and the Public Interest.(9), 129-147.

Earley, C. Hoffman, V. Joe, J. (2008) Reducing Management's Influence on Auditors' Judgments: An Experiemental Investigation of SOX 404 Assessments. Accounting Review.(83), 1461-1485.

Ballou, B. Earley, C. Rich, J. (2004) The Impact of Strategic Positioning Evaluation on Auditor Judgments About Business Process Performance. Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory.(23), 71-88.

Earley, C. (2002) The Differential Use of Information by Experienced and Novice Auditors in the Performance of Complex Audit Tasks. Contemporary Accounting Research.(19), 595-614.

Earley, C. (2001) Knowledge Acquisition in Auditing: Training Novice Auditors to Recognize Cue Relationships in Real Estate Valuation. Accounting Review.(76), 81-97.

Selected Presentations:

Kuselias, S. Earley, C. Perreault, S. Hawaiian Accounting Research Conference. , Honolulu, HI - "The Impact of Firm Affiliation on Accountants’ Error Reporting Decisions: An Experimental Investigation" January, 2022

Kuselias, S. Earley, C. Perreault, S. International Symposium of Audit Research. , Maastrict, Netherlands - "The Impact of Firm Identity on Accountants’ Error Reporting Decisions: An Experimental Investigation" June, 2018

Kuselias, S. Earley, C. Perreault, S. American Tax Association Midyear Meeting. , New Orleans, LA - "The Impact of Firm Identity on Accountants’ Error Reporting Decisions: An Experimental Investigation" February, 2018

Earley, C. AAA Annual Meeting. American Accounting Association, Chicago, IL - "Panelist: The Future of Auditing" August, 2015

Hartley, C. Earley, C. American Accounting Association Northeast Regional Meeting. American Accounting Association, - "Opening Plenary " A Decade of Accounting Wars"" October, 2012

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