Dec. 2017 Quarterly Update

Greetings from Dean Maxfield

Sylvia Maxfield

As the books close on 2017 (literally, in the cases of our students and faculty), I find myself reflecting gratefully on a year we will never forget at the Providence College School of Business. It began with our January move into the Ryan Center for Business Studies and concluded with more national recognition for the excellent work of our faculty and students.

We also have begun to see and feel the impact of the PCSB brand messaging developed and refined in recent months. Built upon the concept of “educating for a future based on WE,” this messaging platform highlights our focus on collaboration and teamwork. While that is not an unusual concept, the PCSB twist involves the creation of a deep understanding of how individuals contribute to teams and how their input and their approach can help foster true collaborative success. This notion fits within the Providence College identity beautifully, and extends to the PCSB core value that business can and should be a force for social responsibility.

Our students have embraced the brand concept, and our faculty members are using it as a teaching tool – a particularly effective one, because the students identify with the idea and understand its day-to-day impact. Sagree Sharma, from our marketing faculty, used “the power of WE” as the centerpiece for a class project that involved students creating marketing campaigns. Three of the five student groups created videos, communicating the brand in their own words. I invite you to take a look.

  • Together WE are PCSB, with prospective students as the target audience, created by Caitlin Falvey, Kayla Tibbetts, and Joseph Bristol
  • Not Your Average Day, also aimed at prospective students, produced by Phoebe Addis, Kevin Barry, Kyra Guzzo, and Thomas Motyka
  • Impact of the Power of We, created for a prospective employee audience, by Adrian Bobadilla, Gillian Dermody, and Sean Dervin

Other groups applied their creativity in different formats, including a dedicated Instagram account and a poster campaign. It is gratifying to see how these students, led by a creative and engaged faculty member, adopt the brand as their own and apply that important concept to their work. I hope you will follow us in the PCSB social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram), and keep up with the school’s news blog to see more examples of the day-to-day work that reinforces these ideas that are helping to set PCSB apart from the pack.

I offer my best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2018, and I thank you for your continuing interest in the Providence College School of Business.

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Sylvia Maxfield, Ph.D.