The PCSB Dean’s Fund Report 2021

Dear Friars,  

Throughout an uncertain year, knowing that the Providence College School of Business could count on your generous support was a rock on which we continued to build excellence in student engagement and in faculty teaching, research, and service. I cannot thank you enough. 

Many activities looked different last year. For instance, the Michael Smith Regional Ethics Competition moved to a virtual platform and, as result, became an international case competition. Reflections on diversity, equity, and inclusion in business happened in written or video form rather than as in-person discussion panels. Tutoring and training were done online and we honored our graduates with a special video tribute. The key, though, is that these activities happened.  Students, faculty and alumni stayed connected, learning and research advanced, and enduring innovation happened.  

When I look back on this past year, I am amazed by all it encompassed.  Although we were distanced, we pulled together at a difficult time, supported each other, and stayed true to the College’s mission of “academic excellence in pursuit of truth, growth in virtue, and service of God and neighbor.”  

Thank you for supporting the PCSB. 

In gratitude, 
Sylvia Maxfield 
Dean, Providence College School of Business 

Portrait of Sylvia Maxfield

Notable Successes 


Students Earned Bloomberg Certification  

Awards for Faculty Teaching, Research, Inclusion, Mentoring, and Service Excellence 


Awards for MBA (3) and Undergraduate Students (17) for Academic Excellence 


Students Participated in the Working Together Across Differences Workshops 


Peer Quant Tutoring Sessions Every Week 

Expenditures from the PCSB Dean’s Discretionary Fund  
are tightly tied to its strategic plan, PCBiz2025,  
which is built off of the PC200 strategic plan.   

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Your Generosity Makes a Difference

Faculty Research Highlights

The following Faculty Fund for Research & Development proposals received support from the Dean’s Discretionary Fund.

Dr. Scott Wright (Marketing)
Two research projects – “Crowdsourcing as a Strategic Resource,” which he is co-authoring with Dr. Joseph Goodman (Ohio State); and, his solo-authored “The Impulsive Buyer Paradox”

Ainslie Schultz

Dr. Ainslie Schultz (Marketing)
“Too Gritty to Indulge, Grit and Indulgent Food Choices,” which she is co-authoring with Dr. Scott Wright (Marketing)

Deirdre Snyder

Dr. Deirdre Snyder (Management)
 A social growth mindset study designed in conjunction with Anna LaFortune ’22, who received a summer undergraduate research grant from PC’s Center for Engaged Learning

Patrick Kelly

Dr. Patrick Kelly (Accountancy)
Purchase of the Casino City’s Indian Gaming Industry Report to support a project with co-authors Dr. Julia Camp (Accountancy) and Dr. Stephen Kuselias (Accountancy) that builds on a prior paper titled “The Expansion of Casino Gambling in the United States – State Revenues and Public Interest Implications,” which he co-authored with Dr. Julia Camp (Accountancy) and now retired professor, Carol Hartley (Accountancy)

School of Business Dean’s Fund Expenses FY21

Expenses by Percentage

Expenses by Dollar Amount

  • Institutional Diversity & Program Development35
  • Staff & Faculty Development, Recruitment, & Retention24
  • Community Initiatives & Events18
  • Excellence Awards9
  • Marketing & Branding9
  • Student & Alumni Engagement6
  • Institutional Diversity & Program Development69397
  • Staff & Faculty Development, Recruitment, & Retention47514
  • Community Initiatives & Events34775
  • Excellence Awards17025
  • Marketing & Branding16917
  • Student & Alumni Engagement11838

Featured Initiatives of Expenditure Categories

Institutional Diversity and Program Development

Summer 2020 DEI Challenge • FIN 210 Re-Design • Working Across Differences workshops • Executives-In-Residence • DEI Fellowship • PhD Project Sponsorship • AACSB Diversity Summit Registrations • Barron’s in Education Subscription • PoWE Teams Assessment Platform • Unfiltering the Fury Workshops for PCSB Administrators • Workshop with Dr. Eve Veliz-Moran (Sociology, Anthropology) and PCSB Faculty About Inclusive Phrasing

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Staff and Faculty Development, Recruitment and Retention

Faculty Fund for Research & Development Awards • Faculty Summer Stipends • Department Chair Training • Assistant Department Chair Training

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Community Initiatives and Events

PCSB First-Year Advising Program • Celebration Video for the PCSB Class of 2020

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Excellence Awards

Annual Faculty and Student Excellence Awards in Research, Teaching, Service, Leadership, Inclusivity

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Marketing & Branding

Paid Social Campaigns for Undergraduate and BA Admission and/or Rankings Efforts • GPCC Annual Meeting Sponsorship • PCSB Promotional Items

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Student & Alumni Engagement

PCSB Peer Quantitative Tutoring Program

School of Business Dean’s Fund: 5-Year Summary

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