A Look at the PCSB Class of 2021

The Providence College School of Business is so proud of the Class of 2021, both undergraduate and MBA students. In May, 456 undergraduate business majors, about 47% of the graduating seniors, and 108 MBA students were recognized at commencement ceremonies that took place on Hendricken Field. This was the first time since 1975 that commencement was held on campus.

Of the PCSB Class of 2021, 42% were finance majors, 14% were accounting majors, and the management and marketing majors each represented 22% of the graduates.

Reflecting the true nature of their liberal arts-based business education, almost 5% of the Class of 2021 business majors were able to complete a second major in the School of Arts & Sciences (SAS). Satisfying the requirements for a liberal arts major on top of completing the PC core curriculum, the PCSB core curriculum, and the business major requirements is not an easy feat! The most popular SAS majors for business students were economics and business economics (tied), followed by Spanish. In addition to those PCSB majors who pursued a second major in the liberal arts, almost 20% of graduating business majors added a liberal arts minor.

All of these graduates are to be commended on completing their degrees during a pandemic. As College President Rev. Kenneth R. Sicard, O.P. ’78, ’82G, participating in his first commencement as president, said, “When the narrative of the Class of 2021 is written, it should not be a chronicle of struggle, but a story of perseverance and achievement.”

The Class of 2020 will be celebrated during Homecoming Weekend, October 1-2.

Hear faculty, administrators, alumni, and fellow students congratulate the PCSB Class of 2021, as well as see student award winners, in this video: