Thank You PCSB Professors

It has been a year filled with a lot of unknowns, but one thing we knew we could always count on were our professors. With all of the challenges thrown at them during this pandemic, our PCSB professors were there, not only continuing to educate our students, but also acting as steady forces, helping our students grow intellectually and mentally. To show gratitude for all that our PCSB professors have done for us not only this year, but over the years, as well, the PCSB social media gave Friars the opportunity to shout out some of their favorite professors. Below is a list of the responses written in, just proving how much we as a PC community appreciate all that they do.

“Professor Matthew Callahan”

“Janet Letourneau”

“Professor Kuselias! He’s a great teacher and really cares about his students!”

“Deirdre Snyder”

“Professor Camp”

“Professor Letourneau!!”

“Professor Manley!!!! Love her, she really cares about her students.”

“Professor Nathan, Alli”

“Frank Lin!”

“Dr. Light”

“Professor McMahon!”



“Val Peterson!”

“Dr. Okere!”

“Michael Lynch!”

“Dr. Julia Camp”

“Professor McMahon!”

“Dr. Okere is the best!”

“Professor Kuselias”

“Dr. Camp is the most elite ACC professor out there”

“Dr. Camp”

“Dr. Kelly!”

“Vivian Okere”


“Professor Bozigian”

“Professor Mark Correia”

“Speicher, greatest to ever do it!”

“Professor Callahan”

“Dr. Deirdre Snyder!”

“Dr. Tom King”

“Matthew Eriksen!”

“Vivian Okere”

“Hartley = GOAT”

“Jackson for ops management!”

“Kirk Bozigian!!!”

“Dr. Defanti!!”

“Matthew Eriksen”

“Ainslie Schultz!”

“Father Allard”

“Professor Lamprey!”

“Professor Jackson”

“Professor Hartley!”


“Professor Mullaly all the way”

“Professor Jelinek!”

“Ed Nelson”

“Kirk Bozigian”

“Callahan & Okere *goat emojis*”

“Ed Nelson!”

“Judi Morse”

“Dr. Earley”

“Dean Elcik!”


“Stephen Perreault”

“Professor McKelvey was a great professor during my time at PC!”


“Leigh Anne Cappello!”

“Michael Grande”

“Dr. Sylvia Maxfield”

“Dr. Wright”

“The goat Dr. Eriksen”

“Dan Horne”

“Ed Nelson!”

“Dr. Caloura!!!”

“Dr. Caldwell!!”


“Dr. Kelly!!”


“Professor Grande”

“Dr. Corrington!”

“Chip Speicher”


“Ed Nelson!”

“Chip Speicher”

“Dr. Corrington!”


“Janet Letourneau”

“Professor Walsh”

“Professor Grande”

“Dr. Krolikowski!”

“Professor Buchanan!!”

“Paul Maloney!”