To the Class of 2020 – From the Classes of 2007, 2008, 2009

Things had been going pretty well. Unemployment was at 5%, incredibly low for the time. Real estate values were soaring. Interest rates were low. Things seemed good.

Then the world shifted. The housing bubble burst. The stock market crashed. Unemployment grew.

Class of 2020: while it is not the same, the Classes of 2007, 2008, and 2009 – the ones who graduated during the Great Recession – understand what you are experiencing. They, too, faced uncertainty, had to pivot to different plans, developed resiliency.

It wasn’t easy, but they did thrive. They have had career success. And they have learned a lot about themselves in the process. Here are their words of wisdom, their advice, just for you:

Thank you very much to the alumni who submitted recorded messages:

  • Alyson Hatchett Conley ’07, Program Examiner, Office of Management & Budget
  • Nick Cuomo ’09, Principal, St. John Paul II Catholic Academy
  • Katelyn Gleason ’08, Teacher, Dedham High School
  • Christie Verzino ’09, Business Practice Manager, First Republic Wealth Management

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Comments on “To the Class of 2020 – From the Classes of 2007, 2008, 2009

  1. A walk by the Grotto reminds us no one had it more challenging than the WWII era grads.

    We graduated in 1979 into a summer of gas lines caused by a group of mostly middle east countries forming OPEC to control and raise oil prices, gas prices till then were less than $.70 a gallon but quickly shot up over $1 a gallon and long gas lines formed every morning. We had to learn term Stagflation, a period of high inflation and interest rates. A key is to manage expectations, perhaps take jobs at smaller companies where you do everything and learn a lot, as Coach Colley might say, “Keep Getting Better” every day, read a lot, and meet more people, keep taking courses, maybe start a masters degree.

    Constructive thought some recommend is to jot out plans for next few years perhaps all the way out till you are 30, and revisit your plan as life presents new opportunities and directions. You will succeed and excell, make the Dominicans and all of us proud.

    Best wishes from Kerri’84 and I.

  2. SO happy my daughter (class of 2020) has such great support from the alumni!!!

    Thank you very much!!!

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