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Surprise Ride, Founded by Rosy Khalife ’13, is Purchased by Fat Brain Toys

Rosy Khalife is a Providence College School of Business alumna who graduated in 2013 with a marketing degree. Her name may sound familiar, as she was featured in ABC’s Shark Tank in 2014.

In an increasingly electronic world, it is common to find children glued to their devices. Surprise Ride, a company founded by Rosy and her sister, Donna, is encouraging children to take a break from their screens and engage with the world around them. Since its founding and appearance on “Shark Tank” in 2013 and 2014, Surprise Ride has created over 50 unique subscription boxes that have children exploring subjects ranging from arts and crafts to STEM projects. Rosy and Donna, who were Lebanese war refugees as children, developed the company using inspiration from their childhood memories of completing projects with their father, an artist.

Each Surprise Rise subscription box includes all the materials needed to complete a hands-on project, instructions, an original book, and ultimately, a keepsake. Some of the brand’s popular project kits are “Build a Dinosaur Science Kit,” “Make Beeswax Candles Activity Kit,” and the “Digital Detox Collection.”

On Nov. 14, educational toy giant Fat Brain Toys announced its acquisition of Surprise Ride. CEO and co-founder Mark Carson said, “Surprise Ride’s mission to get kids off their devices and help them engage in the real world with hands-on activities is just what the market needs.” Fat Brain Toys, founded in 2002 by Adam Carson, believes Surprise Ride can fill a void after the liquidation of Toys R Us. Make sure to keep an eye out for this PCSB alumna and her sister.