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Meet the New Social Media Fellows!

Out with the old and in with the new. Well, hopefully our exit from the fellowship program is a little more meaningful than that. After eight months of diligent work and creativity, the 2017-2018 team is about to give up the reins. With an extensive applicant pool, the decision process was difficult with lots of note taking and inter-team discussions to ensure that we were choosing five incredible students—a feat we managed to accomplish.

It is with honor that Austin, Mary-Kate, Justine, Bridget, and I pass the torch to the newest members of the Benjamin Family Social Media Fellowship.

(from front to back) Phuong Pham '19, Skylar Yacullo '21, Annie Shelley '19, Madeline Snow '19, Jack Shanahan '19, and Leah Martin
(from front to back) Phuong Pham ’19, Skylar Yacullo ’21, Annie Shelley ’19, Madeline Snow ’19, Jack Shanahan ’19, and Leah Martin (program advisor)

Jack Shanahan: Brand Journalist

Jack is a junior with a marketing major and a film minor. He is hoping to gain a better understanding of social media marketing from the fellowship as that’s what he plans on doing in his future career. An interesting fact about Jack is that he has a passion for photography and videography, and he also runs the social media accounts for a clothing company, Pine Outfitters.

Madeline Snow: Manager

Madeline is a junior marketing major and economics minor. She is also a member of the women’s swim team. From the fellowship she is hoping to gain more insight on what it takes to work on a marketing team, social media experience, and to further help the PCSB become one of the top business schools in the country! She is very excited to serve as a Benjamin Family Social Media Fellow as the PCSB has ignited her passion for marketing over the past three years and it will be an amazing opportunity to help promote the business school using the skills she has learned.

Skylar Yacullo: Community Manager

Skylar is a freshman marketing major and possible photography minor. She was really excited to learn that she was going to be a part of the fellowship next year, as marketing is something she is really passionate about. Skylar would like to get a better understanding of social media marketing from a business perspective, as this is something that she would definitely like to incorporate into her future career. Some interesting facts about Skylar are that she lives in both NYC and Dallas, she has a pet tarantula, and she went to boarding school.

Phuong Pham: Analyst

Phuong is a junior pursuing a dual degree in finance and marketing. As a double major who will be serving as the analyst for the fellowship, she is hoping to fully utilize her analytical and marketing skills to promote all of the wonderful opportunities that the PCSB offers its business students. An interesting fact about Phuong is that she is an international student from Vietnam, and she never took a PC campus tour until she came to the U.S. three years ago. Social media was among the most powerful resources that she could use to learn about PC and what helped to inspire her to join the Friar Family.

Annie Shelley: Editor

Annie is a finance major and a writing minor—class of 2019. She is hoping to gain a better understanding of the more abstract side of business. Being a finance major, Annie is primarily concerned with numbers and analytics and so she thinks this fellowship is an amazing opportunity for her to experience something new. Some interesting facts about Annie are that she have been a copy editor for The Cowl for the past three years, and she just got recently got back from a semester in Rome!

Rachel Sullivan ’18, editor of the Benjamin Family Social Media Fellowship