Business Advisory Council Member Patty Hubbard Redefines How Athletes Build Their Brands

Patty Hubbard, a member of the PCSB’s Business Advisory Council, was featured in an article from Front Office Sports about how she works to redefine athletes’ brands. The article refers to Patty’s job as “storytelling,” which is fitting, as she plays a key role in using the unique stories of athletes to build their personal brands.

Patty is currently the co-founder and managing director of BrandForward, a marketing company that focuses on re-branding athletes using their skills and passions. Athletes, both current and retired, develop many valuable skills through their careers, which can be translated into a brand after stepping off the field. Her mission at BrandForward is to “help every athlete understand that a strong personal brand can help them not only develop more meaningful professional opportunities off the field, but also, a platform from which they can realize their long-term goals.”

The article explains how Patty has always had a passion for sports, growing up an athlete, and eventually playing for PC’s field hockey team. She was able to take the skills she learned on the field, like how to balance commitments and stay calm under pressure, and use them in her career. She hopes to use this experience and skill set to help other athletes.

Patty and her business partner, Stephanie Martin, take athletes through an “audit” of his or her brand, a “one-on-one discovery process,” and create a “customized game plan with recommended strategies” for building the athlete’s brand. They also work with athletes to create a digital presence to share and sustain that brand.

“We strive to give our clients the confidence to believe that their story has tremendous value and it should be shared. As athletes, they have a tremendous platform from which to make impact, so we work with them to tap into that power. ”

To read the full article on Front Office Sports about Patty and her work at BrandForward, click here!