PCSB in the News: Associate Dean Dan Horne Talks PCSB Data Analytics

Anyone in tune with the business world is most likely familiar with the importance of data analytics, as demand for data analytics skills has skyrocketed in recent years. The PCSB is one of many business schools across the country that is adopting programs to immerse students in data analytics, and teach them the skills they need to make use of big data. Programs are continuously popping up in the form of majors, minors, and accelerated programs. In an article from Poets & Quants, Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing Dan Horne discusses the PCSB’s relatively new Data Analytics Bootcamp and the increasing importance of data analytics in general.

Not only are employers looking for prospects with strong data analytics skills, but students themselves are jumping at the chance to participate in new programs. According to the Poets & Quants article, data analytics programs are an instant “huge hit” among students. Associate Dean Dan Horne, who is the creator of the Bootcamp, says that “we are swimming in data.” He goes on to say,

“We have too much data and it’s become overwhelming. If you have the type of skills that help companies sort through that data and make sense of it, you will be incredibly valuable.”

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According to Dr. Horne, it’s easy to be confused by the myriad of terminology, whether it be “data science”, “management information systems”, “big data”, or “business analytics.” He says that the key is understanding how data analytics professionals bring it together and make sense of it all. He used this idea to create the Data Analytics Bootcamp after receiving feedback from recruiters that students coming out of the undergraduate program “needed more technical skills.” The Bootcamp is a week-long intensive training that takes place at the end of every August. It is open to all undergraduate students regardless of major. Dr. Horne says,

“It involves some programming, advance work with Excel and some of the statistical programs that are available, some use of R, and hands on with basic statistical packages like SPSS. We also do basic analytics and data mining techniques. It’s about helping students understand both the art and the science in this.”

The PCSB continues to be cutting-edge with the help of Dr. Horne and the Data Analytics Bootcamp. As a result, PCSB students will graduate with the analytics skills that are in high demand by their prospective employers.

The PCSB is also piloting a Business Analytics Graduate Certificate Program. To learn more about the program, click here. To read the full article in Poets & Quants, click here.