What Sets Us Apart?

Receiving an education from the Providence College School of Business is different than any other. We have wonderful faculty, students, and alumni, but what is it that sets them apart from all the rest? As a Catholic institution run by Dominican Friars, we hold a set of unique values that seem sparse in today’s society. Few business students at large universities are required, aside from their business courses, to take courses in theology, philosophy, and ethics.

Crucifix hanging in Saint Dominic's Chapel.
Crucifix hanging in St. Dominic’s Chapel.

Br. Antoninus Samy, of Melbourne, Australia, visited Providence College this past October to speak on the topic of prayer and Catholic values in a capitalistic society. Br. Antoninus holds a Ph.D. in Economics from University of Oxford in Oxford, England. On October 20, 2017, he preached to a room full of business students and professors, explaining the struggle we face as a society to attain “ultimate happiness”.

The society we live in today is one that counts happiness in monetary value. Providence College’s motto “Veritas”, or truth in Latin, is essential to the way our students and faculty go about searching for “ultimate happiness”. The Providence College School of Business is a place in which each member of our community is seeking the truth through collaboration, through the power of WE. We don’t count the value of our happiness by the dollar. We treat education as a purpose of seeking the truth and bettering the world. That is what sets US apart.