The 5 Best Study Spots for Finals Week

‘Tis the season for warm sweaters, holiday cheer, and…finals? Unfortunately we’ve reached the tail end of the fall semester, bringing the December holidays and finals one step closer. While some students are eagerly awaiting the end of the semester, a certain class (hint: seniors) might be dragging their feet, not quite ready to enter into the last half of their time here at Providence College. Age aside, with the period of exams, projects, and papers comes the need for the perfect study spot, which is why the PCSB has compiled a list of the five best on- and off-campus study spots to help carry you through the flurry of finals.

1. The Providence AthenaeumA view of the inside of the Atheneum. Both floors and the walls of bookshelves are visible.

A product of the previous Providence Athenaeum and Providence Library Company, the Providence Athenaeum was opened to the community on July 11, 1838. There have only been two physical expansions during its lifetime—once in 1914 and once in 1979. Under both of these circumstances, the growth was to accommodate the younger generation of readers. With its book lined walls and Greek revival architecture, this library rivals PC’s own Phillip’s Memorial Library. So whether you choose a table nestled amongst the books or a desk overlooking the atrium, check out the Providence Athenaeum this finals season.

2. The “Harry Potter” Room
For those of you who are well acquainted with J.K. Rowling’s magical, seven book series, this room on the second floor of Ruane is the perfect place for you. Located amongst the faculty’s offices, this study spot offers the perfect place for you and a couple of friends. Its the perfect place to either work quietly or work on that huge group project that requires a little extra conversation. The huge windows keep your mood lifted even when you’re knee deep in the escapades of Aeneas or the confusion of managerial finance.

3. Blue State Coffee
Located on Thayer Street, Blue State Coffee is a family business started in 2004 that pledged to give a part of their profits to different philanthropic organizations. Having donated over $800,000 to around 250 different local non-profits. A quick Uber, RIPTA, or car ride away, Blue State Coffee provides a new place to complete the last of your finals work while indulging in your favorite drink (or snack)!

A picture of the Three Sisters sign that hangs above the cafe.4. Three Sisters
A decadent array of homemade ice cream, organic coffee, and to die for breakfast and lunch menus. Three Sisters has it all! How bad can finals week be with a side of homemade ice cream, right? Get off of campus and check out this cute and quirky café on Hope Street to spice up your studying. The chilled atmosphere is the perfect antidote for the end of semester stress.

5. Dietz-Norko Lounge
The construction of the PCSB provided the student body with a much appreciated addition to the on-campus study spots. Looking for a quiet retreat away from the chatter of the atrium? Check out the Dietz-Norko Lounge located at the very front of the building, where you have your choice of a couch or a table. With floor to ceiling windows, the airy space serves as a conducive study spot that overlooks the beautiful lawn and Huxley renovation.

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